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Women in Leadership- a film about Restoring the Balance+ #52

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“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” -B. R. Ambedkar

Hi, this is the GenWise team– we bring out this newsletter to help parents and educators to complement the work of formal schools and associated systems. We can help our children thrive in these complex times only by exchanging ideas and insights and working together. We are also a founder-member of the Gifted India Network– if you are interested in issues related to gifted education and talent development, an easy way to keep updated about talks, programs and resources is to join the Gifted India Network telegram channel (

In this week’s main post ‘Women in Leadership- Restoring the Balance’, we share a 13-minute documentary featuring women in accomplished STEM and leadership roles speaking about this subject. GenWise co-founder, Vishnu Agnihotri also appears in this film. If you are a school leader/ teacher, we request you to screen this film to your students and have a discussion about the topic.

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Women in Leadership- Restoring the Balance

Upcoming Events

Women in Leadership- Restoring the Balance

The below is adapted from a twitter thread posted by us. How can you as a teacher, school and or a parent help in bringing about this important change? Please think about this and do your bit. Also refer to an earlier edition of this newsletter- ‘Women in STEM- Overcoming Challenges’, for more on this topic.

1/ Excellent film on #WomenInSTEM and Leadership by @amritvatsa . Do watch this 13 min film with your children. Some highlights- @vyjayas (Vyjayanthi Sankar, Founder, CSSL) talks about societal conditioning pushing girls away from STEM- as they move from grade 4 to 8, their performance in Math & Science dips… 

2/ Tricha Anjali of @IIITB_official says that 43% of students in engineering colleges are girls, but only 14% of them are in the workforce… where do these 29% disappear? To bear the lion’s share of domestic caregiving responsibilities we suppose… 

3/ While 70% of men are ok with women doing ‘traditionally male’ things like playing football, riding a motorcycle etc…only 50-60% are ok with men doing domestic chores like washing the utensils…. says @vyjayas So the woman’s load only increases forever… 

4/ ..while reducing the diversity in the workplace… @kennybpm (Preeti Aghalayam) of @iitmadras says there are enough studies that show that when diversity is represented in an organization, the outcomes are always better. 

5/ We need a different kind of leadership- more empathetic, more nurturing, far more open to different perspectives says @noorainee (Nooraine Fazal, Co-Founder of Inventure Academy) If more women are to be in leadership roles, the barriers of 3 Ms- marriage, motherhood & masculine workforce need to break- says Leith Greenslade of Just Actions.

6/ There are some winds of change though- @vishnu_agni & Leith Greenslade talk about the younger generation of men taking on more of ‘traditionally female’ work. @noorainee points out that 11.2% of board positions in India today are held by women vis-a-vis 6% in 2014 

7/ Watch the film ‘Women in STEM and Leadership’ here..with your children & families and spread this widely. Let’s bring in the winds of change-

8/ GenWise is offering #WomenInSTEM scholarships to girls in our upcoming summer camp in May 2022 to support the cause in a small way. See the upcoming events section for more details about the summer camp.

Upcoming Events

Summer Programs from GenWise (Residential)- May 8- May 29 (Paid)

If your child is currently in grade 7, 8 or 9, check out the Genesis Summer Program from May 8-29, 2022, at Manipal University, Manipal. While most students will attend the entire 3-week program, there also exist 1 or 2 week options. View the program brochure here.

The academic enrichment component of the program features 3 courses- one in each week.

May 8-15: Reason like Sherlock Holmes– Become familiar with the reasoning process employed not just by detectives, but also by doctors, lawyers, historians, archaeologists, and virtually every domain where one is trying to piece together the full picture, from available clues. Unpack short stories from Sherlock Holmes (and potentially others, based on student interest) to appreciate the process of reasoning better.

May 15-22: Molecular Gastronomy- Intro to Culinary Science– This course at the intersection of Chemistry and Cooking is a great way to experience the power of science in our daily life experiences. The course emphasizes the role of sciences in cooking and how the world over, it has started to make a difference if the chefs understand the science that goes into it. Sessions at the world-class kitchen of the Welcomgroup School of Hotel Administration will involve working with materials like liquid nitrogen, dry ice and agar gels to create some exceptional dishes through the application of science.

May 22-29: Experiment Design for Critical Thinkers– Appreciate the importance of Experiment Design in exploring answers to relevant questions, whatever the domain (Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Marketing, Materials Science, Medicine, etc.). Often not taught formally at school (or even at College level), learn the vital skills necessary for understanding the role of variables, apples-to-apples comparisons, the role of bias, and how to attempt to overcome bias.

The program is much more than the academic enrichment component represented by the courses listed above and the goal of the program is to help with the development of the whole child- read more about the program experience in this post.

Please note that the Genesis Summer Program runs concurrently with the GenWise Summer Program (open to Ei ASSET Talent Search (ATS) Gold/ Silver/ Bronze scholars).

Students of both programs will be participating in common activities together, outside of the academic hours. 

Feel free to reach out to our leadership team at the numbers below.

Rajesh  @98409 70514; Vishnu @93422 47734; Shrikant @98600 33502; Sowmya @75985 66949

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