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Summary & Feedback on Residential Internship May 2023

We have made a list of feedback from parents and students below. We have also posted an article that summarizes in detail what transpired in the 2 weeks.

Parent Feedback

Rizak Kaur – Student

Rizak Kaur Makkar attended the Residential Internship Course in the May 2023 Gifted Summer Program. She shares her experience. From Before coming to this program, I was an introvert. I didn’t have the confidence to initiate a conversation. One day before leaving for the program, I told my mom that I don’t want to go. To I feel this is the best way to spend your summer vacations. We travel everywhere with family but having a vacation and having been here, there is a difference. She has more to share…. listen in

Mihir Bhatlawande – Student

I heard about the Gifted India Network Summer Program from my sister Soha who attended the program last year. She had great things to say about the program and saw a transformation in her. It made me wonder what goes in this GenWise machine, it was like this Schrodinger’s Box, I knew what was coming out, I knew what was going in, but could not figure out what was happening inside.

Student Projects

At the start of the program, all participating students shared their areas of interest. These were extensively discussed before the project work started. We enlisted support from mentors who were also part of the program. The projects are

Robotics project, modelled on the Duckietown platform

Business and Brand Strategy for Assisted Living/ Senior Citizens

Secondary Research on Cancer Cure via Gene Therapy

Building an app to solve the Rubik’s cube, after capturing the initial state using a camera

Designing a Football Coaching Academy for children in the age range of 6-13

Group Project developed a video on the student experience at GenWise programs.

To read a summary of what happened in the May 2023 Residential Internship Program, click below.

Group Video Project

As part of the communication topic, the full class collaborated and created this video to communicate “The GenWise Experience”.

And they also had Fun

Their performance at Talent Nite


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