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For Educators/ Parents

While middle and high school students are our primary audience, we quickly realised we could have stronger impact if we could support educators and parents in their respective roles.

We present a few examples of our work here. Please contact us in case you would like to learn more.

Programs for Parents

Dr Bhooshan Shukla, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist has led dozens of courses on parenting teenagers. 250+ parents have benefited from his sessions in 2020/21, including sessions exclusively held for parents of teenagers in the Bay Area, USA.

Sowmya Jatesan has led multiple programs for parents with primary age children on a Montessori-approach for parenting.

Here is a YouTube playlist featuring testimonials from parents who have attended our sessions.

Below is the program schedule for May 2021.

Parenting Schedule May 2021.png

Improving Math Teaching-Learning at an India Top 10 International School

We started working with middle school Math teachers as part of a 5-month Program to improve Math Teaching-Learning. The school invited us to support its Primary and Middle School Math faculty (35+ teachers) over a 2-year horizon.

Our scope of work includes the following:

  • UBD and PBL for Math- ensuring focus on key understandings and engaging projects and lessons

  • Building Grade level benchmarks for Math

  • Developing the spiraling Math curriculum for Grades 1-8

  • Building Mathematical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Helping students understand the language of Math

  • Blended curriculum for Math (identify parts of the topic that are flipped, teacher led, project based learning)

Teacher Lecture
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