The Economy of the Modern Internet: An Introduction

Learn to understand and appreciate the economics of "free", the "attention" economy, the "reputation" economy, etc., and how to navigate and thrive in this new world.

Domain Exposure

Business, Technology

Intro to Game Theory & its Applications in the Real World

Learn more about the strategies and tactics for dealing with lots of real life scenarios - e.g. exam prep, group study, business, economics - through an understanding of Game Theory, facilitated mainly through Role Play!

Doman Exposure

Game Theory

Exponentials: Epidemics, Cryptography, Forest Fires, AI

Develop an intuition for the power of exponential growth by investigating examples as diverse as Ponzi schemes, spread of forest fires, length of passwords and cryptography, virus multiplication, AI and the singularity.

Essential Skills

Intro to Modern Cryptography

A hands-on course in which the students will be introduced to the mathematics behind modern cryptography. They will use Python programs to understand, explore and implement simplified versions of modern encryption schemes, and how they are used in real-life scenarios.

Domain Exposure


Intro to Cryptography

A hands-on course that introduces students to the history of secret codes and code-breaking.

Domain Exposure