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Goodbye Gifted May Students! Welcome, Gifted July Students!

We look forward to the gifted residential camps every summer and even though we have conducted many such camps over the years, we are always pleasantly surprised at the extent of impact it has on students…. a big thank you to all the lively and curious students who energise us, and to their parents who repose their trust in us, year after year.

This time, we share feedback from 1 student and 2 parents and information about our upcoming program in July 2023.

Suchitra, Parent of Harsh Bajaj, Grade 11, Internship Program

“ Thank you so much for giving Harsh the opportunity to be a part of the Genwise residential internship program. I feel there has been a metamorphosis of sorts in just 2 weeks. My husband and I feel that Harsh has gained tremendous confidence and the  mindset to be able to look at options/ideas from different perspectives. He has come back with tremendous respect and adulation for all his mentors…. we’re so happy that he has ‘real’ life heroes to look up to. Sapna, Eklavya, Sheetal, Joseph and the other Genwise coordinators and RCs were so kind and efficient that he still remembers them fondly.  I have never seen this spark in him before and I am really grateful for everything the Genwise team has done.”

Rizak Kaur, Student, Grade 11, Internship Program

“ Before coming to this program, I was an introvert. I didn’t have the confidence to initiate a conversation. One day before leaving for the program, I told my mom that I don’t want to go. I thought the program would have regular classes by boring professors. But to be honest, it’s such a positive environment. We have so much fun. The freedom you get here helps you to communicate, to grow and be an all-rounder. After coming here, I can talk freely and initiate conversations with a group of people. … I was always into research, I have written a few articles. But when I came here, I actually came to know how to write a research paper. The professors are just best. There was no point where I thought I cannot go and talk to them. It’s not that only a specific professor is going to talk to you. You can talk to anyone, and I think it really helped me open up. It is always so friendly. … I feel this is the best way to spend your summer vacations. We travel everywhere with family but having a vacation and having been here, there is a difference.”

Soham Mehta, Parent of Sheel, Grade 8 (Econ, Public Policy, Math)

“I, as a parent, think that Genwise has enabled something very interesting and valuable to a child’s growth. Specifically, it is the only place I know where a kid: – chooses a course i.e. nobody compels them to take it – studies with other new kids with limited prior friendships, if at all i.e. there is little prior comfort with the class, no cliques, no enemies – is surrounded by kids who are presumably above a certain level of mental acuity i.e. every thought has a challenge to it – has NO EXAMS! i.e. they are not doing it for the grades or to impress anyone – is on it for a full week i.e. they got enough time to assimilate the topic instead of just surface level – is learning with a teacher who is not doing this primarily for money i.e. teachers can be themselves when teaching – knows that s/he is not going to be judged for however they perform i.e. there is no performance pressure – is not at home i.e. parents had no chance to get in the way 🙂 This is a pristine set of circumstances that reveals the kid in his/her element. His/her likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. It shows what the kid really is (at this time of their life). The teachers at Genwise have a front-row seat to this event. Even the parents will never have that chance. And obviously the school won’t. What the teacher observes at the end of this, hence tells a lot about the kid, in a way that nothing else will. The instructor’s letter to the kid at the end hence, however exciting or banal, becomes very valuable to parents like me. It is my suggestion to a. keep the pristine-ness of this 1 or 2 or N week format. This only works when all of the above comes together – pull any one thing out and it stops working b. continue those feedback letters and maybe make them even better, structured, detailed, could even be a video/audio instead.”

Gifted Summer Program International (Gr. 6-12)- July 2023, MAHE Campus, Manipal

The program is exclusively for gifted students from UAE and students on the international calendar from India and other countries. Top performers on Ei-ASSET Talent Search (Ei- ATS) are eligible to apply for the program. If you do not have an ATS score, but are interested in the program, please contact us with your ASSET scores. If you haven’t taken ASSET recently, you can take it here.

Gifted Summer Program- Senior- July 6-27 (for students moving to grades 8-10 in 2023)

This program offers different choices such as Soft Robotics, Forensic Science, Architecture, Astrophysics and others. While the majority of students attend the entire 3 weeks, there are also some 2-week and 1-week options.

Gifted Summer Program- Junior- July 13-27 (for students moving to grades 6-7 in 2023)

This is a single track where students engage with Science, Math, Media etc., in an authentic way. 

Residential Internship Program- July 13-27 (for students moving to grades 11-12 in 2023)

This is a single track for students who are moving into Grades 11 and 12. Students will be introduced to various opportunities, as well as issues that need to be considered before they embark on their dream life journey, beyond school. Students will be required to express their areas of interest a month before the program starts, to enable us to finetune the plan and the projects offered. 60% of the program focuses on providing domain exposure and making students aware of the life skills they need to develop to set and attain their goals. And 40% of the program is spent on project work. More details of what to expect are available here.

For more details about the program, and to register, look at this brochure and visit this page.


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