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Residential Internship Program for High School Students- May 2023+

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“As well as learning the shape of real work, you need to figure out which kind you’re suited for. And that doesn’t just mean figuring out which kind your natural abilities match the best; it doesn’t mean that if you’re 7 feet tall, you have to play basketball. What you’re suited for depends not just on your talents but perhaps even more on your interests. A deep interest in a topic makes people work harder than any amount of discipline can.” -–Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y Combinator that has funded 2000+ startups

Hi, this is the GenWise team– we bring out this newsletter to help parents and educators to complement the work of formal schools and associated systems. We can help our children thrive in these complex times only by exchanging ideas and insights and working together. 

We are also a founder-member of the Gifted India Network– if you are interested in issues related to gifted education and talent development, an easy way to keep updated about talks, programs and resources is to join the Gifted India Network telegram channel (

In this week’s post, we are sharing the details of our first residential internship program for high school students. We have been assisting students with internships on an informal and ad-hoc basis over the last few years, but this is our first structured and formal offering. There is great value for high school students in undergoing such internships (see the recording of this adda we had conducted earlier), but unfortunately there are few opportunities. We hope to do our bit in addressing this gap in the months and years to come.

The details of our Gifted Summer Program in May 2023 for students moving to grades 6-10 are available in the upcoming events section- please note that there is an early bird offer till February 28, 2023. We will also have another Gifted Summer Program in July 2023- this will open up for registration soon.

Residential Internship Program for High School Students- May 2023

Gifted Summer Program 2023 is offering  a 2-week ‘Residential Internship’ program from May 14 to May 28 at MAHE campus, Manipal. In this program, students finishing grades 10 and 11 will be introduced to various opportunities, as well as issues that need to be considered before they embark on their dream life journey, beyond school.

The program design will be finetuned based on the requirements and interests of the incoming students. Students will be required to express their areas of interest a month before the program starts, to enable us to finetune the plan and the projects offered. 60% of the program focuses on providing domain exposure and making students aware of the life skills they need to develop to set and attain their goals. And 40% of the program is spent on project work.

Domain Exposure and Life Skills

Various sessions will be conducted by experts and role models from various fields such as Computer Science, Architecture, Design, Mechanical Engineering, Bio Technology, Civil Services, Medicine etc. These experts will also share ‘What I have learned’ and make students aware of the dispositions and skills that are needed to succeed in these areas. We will also study how geopolitics, management and humanities impact society and careers. Topics that should be taught in school, such as personal finance, networking, business finance, your health and the impact of technology on life and various careers will be addressed. Beyond the classroom, there will be field trips to various departments, labs, places of historical importance, nature trails and factories. 

Project Work

The general rule of thumb is ‘Follow your passion’; we at Genwise believe that if one is pursuing a career as a form of self expression it replenishes you instead of draining you. Your own self expression via art, music, writing, creating and building things will make society and our world a better place to live in. We will do our best to facilitate every student in their journey of self expression. We will facilitate every student in their journey of self expression. In this journey, students will undertake a project in one of the following areas:

Computer & Information Sciences

Digital Media & Marketing

Life Sciences & Medicine

Design & Engineering

Economics, Finance and Business

The above areas are indicative and we may introduce new areas if 3 or more students have similar requirements. Students will be expected to work in teams, mentored by experts from industry and academia.

Program Wrap-up

At the end of the program, students will be asked to write up a Statement of Purpose that will describe the purpose in life they choose to pursue. Upon completion of the internship, all participants will get an Internship Certificate.

The fee for the 2 week program is Rs 125,000/- there is a 10k early bird discount and 20k discount for returning students, signing up before Feb 28.


Please send a Whatsapp message, or call-

Eklavya- 7046466866

Sapna- 9821112090

Upcoming Events

A Virtual Tour of the Microbiology Laboratory- This week’s edition of ‘Talk to a Scientist’ features scientist Nizam Shaikh who will show how a microbiology lab looks like on the inside and what tools and equipments are used. On Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 5 PM IST for children from ages 6-16. Register here.

Session on Astronomy (In-Person at Ruparel College, Mumbai and streamed online) is part of the highly popular Chai and Why series from the cool TIFR outreach team and is scheduled on Sunday, Feb 19, 2023 at 11 AM. Zoom, YouTube & FBLive links are available here. Here’s what the session blurb says-

A constellation literally is a pattern of stars. Prehistoric humans made these patterns and wove stories around them. This was also the first clock available.

Join us to try and design your own constellations and, in the process, understand how various cultures view the sky and use these patterns in their daily life.

(This session also celebrates the 550th birth anniversary of Nicolas Copernicus!)

Ways of Computing (In-Person at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru and streamed online) is part of the Kaapi with Curiosity series from the ICTS outreach team, and is scheduled on Sun, Feb 26, from 4 to 530 PM IST.

Is nature computing? If it is, can we trick it into performing our dirty computational tasks? Using examples, we will see how the laws of mechanics and probability inspire strikingly beautiful algorithms. We will then see how the combination of randomness and interaction allows us to perform seemingly impossible tasks.

About the Speaker:

Jaikumar Radhakrishnan is a theoretical computer scientist with research interests in complexity theory, randomness and computation, quantum information and computation, combinatorics, and information theory. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University, NJ, USA, in 1991, he joined TIFR, where is currently a senior professor at the School of Technology and Computer Science (STCS), TIFR, Mumbai, and at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS-TIFR), Bengaluru.

You can register for the session here.

Gifted Summer Program (Gr. 6-10)- May 2023, MAHE Campus, Manipal

The program is exclusively for gifted students who are top performers on Ei-ASSET Talent Search (Ei- ATS). If you do not have an ATS score, but are interested in the program, please contact us with your ASSET scores. If you haven’t taken ASSET recently, you can take it here. More details of the program and registration links available here.

For further details, please send a Whatsapp message, or call-

Eklavya- 7046466866

Sapna- 9821112090


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