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Our Approach

Our Approach, Program Benefits

GenWise residential programs help bring out the child’s potential by supplementing the work of schools and parents. GenWise’s approach and the benefits of the programs are outlined here.

Apart from the academic enrichment work, students will engage in a host of activities that broadens their horizons, enhances their socio-emotional development and allows them to make connections with their peers and mentors, and have fun (in a device-free environment).

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GenWise is dedicated to supporting the needs of learners, through our network of accomplished mentors - with world-class academic, professional and teaching credentials. GenWise offers 2-3 week summer programs, modeled along the lines of Johns Hopkins CTY, Northwestern CTD etc., adapted to the Indian context. GenWise is also a founding member of the Gifted India Network that supports parents, teachers and schools in meeting the needs of gifted students.



Hear from excited students and parents, sharing their experiences on our Residential Programs; choose from the many video testimonials on our GenWise YouTube channel playlist: