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Gifted Residential Program - July 2023

For Students in Grades 6 through 12

July 6-27, 2023

GenWise, in partnership with Ei (both Founding members of the Gifted India Network), presents our 2nd Residential program in calendar 2023, for students who are Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Scholars on ASSET Talent Search.

Students will reside at India's most modern private University at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, Karnataka. MAHE Manipal has been granted Institution of Eminence status by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Students will arrive at MAHE, Manipal, India on July 6th by noon and will leave on July 27th after 2:00pm. There will be an open house and convocation ceremony on July 27th in the first half, which parents are invited to attend.

GenWise is an entity dedicated to supporting the needs of learners, through their network of accomplished mentors - with excellent academic, professional and teaching credentials. GenWise offers 2-3 week summer programs modeled along the lines of Johns Hopkins CTY, Northwestern CTD etc., adapted to the Indian context. GenWise believes its programs are on par with these programs, given the expertise of its mentors. GenWise is also a founding member of the Gifted India Network that supports parents, teachers and schools in meeting the needs of gifted students.

GenWise residential programs help bring out the child’s potential by supplementing the work of schools and parents. GenWise’s approach and the benefits of the programs are outlined here.

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The Program is split into 3 tracks:

  • Junior (Grades 6,7 in Acad Year 2023-24)

  • Senior (Grades 8,9,10 in Acad Year 2023-24)

  • Internship (Grades 11,12 in Acad Year 2023-24)



The Junior track comprises the following modules; all students go through all the modules below:


The Senior track comprises the following course options; all students will sign up for the full 3 weeks, by choosing from the options below:

The Internship track is being launched in 2023, thanks to the stated need and enthusiasm of our returning students and their families for such experiences. We have nearly 20 students on this track for our May 2023 edition. More on this track, here.

Apart from the academic enrichment work, students will engage in a host of activities that broadens their horizons, enhances their socio-emotional development and allows them to make connections with their peers and mentors, and have fun (in a device-free environment).

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Hear from excited students and parents, sharing their experiences on our Residential Programs; choose from the many video testimonials on our GenWise YouTube channel playlist:

Testimonials: Students & Parents

Testimonials: Students & Parents
Parent Testimonial: Gifted Residential Program

Parent Testimonial: Gifted Residential Program

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Ei ATS Scholars at GenWise

Ei ATS Scholars at GenWise

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Parent Testimonial; Student Testimonial

Parent Testimonial; Student Testimonial

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Students' Speak:   GenWise Summer School

Students' Speak: GenWise Summer School

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Safety of students is ensured through tightly-monitored, well-established processes, as well as well-trained staff. The Staff-Student ratio in our Programs are typically 1:4, or better.

The Kasturba Hospital (a unit of MAHE) on campus will support our program. The hospital has 2000+ beds, and caters to 3000+ outpatients and 200+ admissions per day. Additionally, we have First Aid Kits and trained First Aid Administrators within our team.

Parents will also be required to share their child's detailed medical history and insurance details for our reference.

Program Fee, Registration Form

The program fee for 3 weeks is Rs. 187,000 (this is inclusive of tuition, food and accommodation and 18% GST). There is an Early Bird discount of Rs 20,000, if the Program Fee is paid in full by June 15, 2023.