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GenWise Curriculum Elements

The concept of T-shaped persons as a metaphor has been used for a few decades in the corporate world, and more recently in the context of building interdisciplinary work teams for creative processes. These individuals would have deep expertise in one field, and would also have an appreciation of several other fields (breadth of knowledge). Such “Versatilists” can see problems and possibilities far more clearly than either ‘Generalists’ or ‘Specialists’, as also see what other expertise is needed to tackle a challenge.

Our goal is to get young students to start their journey towards becoming Versatilists. We will do this by providing them exposure to each of our 5 curricular tracks.

T shaped individual.png
GenWise Curriculum Elements: Schematic
GenWise- 5 curricular tracks-1.png

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Science & Scientific enquiry

Students will appreciate what scientific thinking is and experience the pleasure of finding things out on their own.


They will learn to observe and ask questions, and develop skills of experimentation, data collection, interpretation and analogic thinking.


They will learn these skills through engaging in various hands-on activities: say, predicting and verifying how the number of coils in an electromagnet affects the flow of current, how many marbles an aluminium foil boat can carry, and a design challenge to bring a model submarine up to the surface.


Students will reflect on ways in which scientific thinking can be extended to other disciplines, as also the limitations of Science.

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