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The Economics of Farming

“He who controls the spice, controls the universe.”

Frank Herbert, Dune


May 22, 2022

This course aims at introducing basic intuitions and concepts in economics to young learners through farming as an activity. These concepts include:

  • idea of scarcity

  • value and exchange

  • demand and supply

  • production of goods

  • factors of production

The intended learning outcomes are that the learners gain an understanding of how choices are made by individuals to produce (in this case grow) a certain good (or not) and gain an appreciation through the experience of making these choices themselves (and the resulting consequences), by engaging in growing crops in the classroom - wheat, chana and brinjals.

The course opens with an introduction and learners are asked to pick a crop to grow. They begin growing the crop with the information provided. Over the duration that the crop grows, several variables emerge - about farming inputs, crop care, selling the produce, etc. At these moments the implications will be explained and linked to economics concepts.

By the end of the course, the learners would have gained a first hand and nuanced experience of decision-making and knowledge that goes into farming. This experience is a first level intuition of economics.

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