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Kathaastu! Creating Stories...

Kathaastu! Creating Stories...

This is a chance for young minds (10-12 years) to have the space to stretch their creative muscles and enhance their perception and expression by engaging with stories in multiple ways.

Course Details

A course for 10-12 year-olds...


The objective of the course is to open the participants' minds to look at and respond to the ordinary, everyday world differently.

In formal structured learning, children's attention is often caught up in giving the correct answer. This course endeavours to provide their young minds the space to stretch their creative muscles while giving them a chance to enhance their perception and expression by engaging with stories in multiple ways. Learning about the key elements of creating a story as well as how to sculpt stories with specific tools, will form part of the experience.

Why Stories?

The experience of engaging with stories provides layered experiential learning, though they are often appreciated only for their entertainment value. The facilitator's lifelong experience of connecting with stories is deeply woven with all her work and has made her realise its immense worth in learning at the cognitive as well as the affective levels. 

Research shows that even students with low motivation and weak academic skills are more likely to listen, read, write and work in the context of storytelling.

Why Create?

Creation, no matter at what scale, provides a slice of  fulfillment to our fantastic human mind while being a celebration of our spirit. It makes us pause, observe, wonder, play, believe, empathise, emote and share. All these elements are explored in this course. It enables us to

weave a tapestry with what we observe in the outer world and our inner world of thoughts, feelings, ideas and impressions. Each one of us can experience the excitement and satisfaction of creating something which has our unique personal stamp.

Masanobu Fukuoka, the father of natural farming, said -- "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings." This is a very small step in that direction - through stories instead of farming!

About Facilitator:

Valentina Trivedi

Valentina Trivedi

Valentina Trivedi is a writer, performer and educator, who straddles various mediums giving all her work a unique stamp of inherent creativity.

She has written and directed short films, among them a biopic on BKS Iyengar, the world renowned Yoga guru. Embracing multiple performance forms, she has performed at premiere literature festivals in India and abroad and has her own audio and video online channels. Among the performance forms she is adept at, is Dastangoi, the revived art of ancient Urdu storytelling.

Passionate about children and learning, she specializes in approaching the learning process from a child’s perspective and has been invited to numerous educational forums to share her progressive views . She believes in life long learning of all stakeholders and so holds workshops for teachers and parents pan India.
She has worked in both the formal and informal sectors, proactively initiating and encouraging community endeavours. She was the first woman member of the Executive Committee of the Doon School Old Boys’ Society. Currently on the Board of Governors of The Doon School, she is the first alumna to be on it.

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