Winter 2021 - FAQs

What are the age/ grade (and other criteria) for the Program?

The Winter 2021 program experience is designed for students who are currently in Grades 8, 9, or 10. Students will have extensive interactions with role models (course mentors and visiting experts who conduct ‘evening addas’), including working on hands-on real-life application projects. Students will learn to think critically as well as get exposure to different fields. Each application should be accompanied by a letter from the child in 250- 500 words sharing why he or she would like to attend the program, and input from at least two of the 5 options listed below: 1. Asset Talent Search - Gold, Silver, Bronze Scholars (Mandatory for "Advanced" Courses) 2. Teacher Recommendation 3. Personal Essay/ Estimation Task 4. Academic Performance 5. Conversation with a GenWise Mentor Please call/ write to Vishnu (+91 9342247734) to discuss any questions you may have…

What is the Program duration?

This is a 2-week program. Most of the participants stay for both weeks; however, if the student/ parent is unable to spend both weeks, picking any one course also works.

How is the Program different from other Programs?

Key factors presented below, are worth bearing in mind. Please also go over this article, "From a Rough to a Diamond" detailing the tools, techniques, processes, and goals that we have set out, as we work with your child to help achieve her potential!

  • Learning to Learn - possible in the presence of world-class mentors
  • Thinking Critically - Asking Vs Telling, Socratic Method, Guesstimation Techniques are omnipresent in our classrooms!
  • Feel Connected (without devices) - our programs are device-free (for the most part); our entire focus around Learning by Being is oriented towards the child feeling connected to herself, to a group of peers, working with older mentors, interacting with business/ social sector leaders via the Evening ADDA, residing in a green campus with loads of opportunity to get familiar with, and closer to, Nature (we have a series of Tree and Bird Walks planned for the various weeks)
  • Making New Friends - In 2019 alone, we had students from Dhirubhai Ambani International School, St Marys, JBCN, Ascend International, Avalon Heights, Bombay Scottish, CNM School (all Mumbai), Inventure Academy, Vidya Niketan, Vidya Shilp, Greenwood High, The International School Bangalore (TISB), CMS, Primus, Silver Oaks, Brigade Millennium Schools (all Bengaluru), Orchid International School, Sahyadri, Vidya Valley, DLRC (all Pune), PSBB, APL Global, Velammal International, KC High, Chettinad Harisree Vidyalaya (all Chennai), in addition to Riverside, Anand Niketan, Cygnus World School (all Gujarat), and homeschoolers, (among others), attend our Programs...
  • Be Independent and Take Responsibility - Our children live well-cared-for lives and it is understandable that, at times, they might take things for granted. Here is a guided opportunity for them to learn to keep track of what they eat and where their things are, sleep away from family (usually a first for several of our Early Explorers) and take their first steps towards developing their independence.
  • Child always within eyesight or earshot - A safe and exciting residential learning experience

What does a typical day on this Program look like?

  • She will wake up at 6:30-7:00, have a morning physical activity (Nature walk/Yoga/Body awareness) before breakfast.
  • Academic excitement for 6 hours - with breaks for mid morning snack and lunch.
  • An hour and a half of "beyond-academics" sessions, followed by snacks, and then two hours of games/sport/outdoor activities
  • Dinner will be followed by a quiet indoor activity or an evening ADDA with accomplished authors/scientists/sportsmen etc…
  • Finally, facilitated Journal writing/Dialogue and a half hour to call home and lights off at 10 pm.
Please also visit this page for more information.

My child has attended GenWise programs in the past. Does it still make sense for him to participate in 2021?

The process of shaping and polishing required for moving from a rough to a diamond, takes time and skill. Longer term exposure to our mentors, and new contexts, will enable your child to achieve her potential. We strongly recommend your child signing up in Winter 2021! If you would like to speak to parents whose children have repeated programs with us, please let us know and we will connect you.

How does GenWise ensure the safety of my child?

All of our participants' safety is of paramount importance to us:

  • Active Supervision means that the students are always within our eyesight or earshot; even while visiting bathrooms.
  • One Residential Counsellor (RC) will have 7-8 students of the same gender under his or her care.
  • Students are never allowed to be alone except when they are in their rooms or using the restrooms in the academic building. Even then, the TAs or the instructors must wait in the corridor and keep the restroom in their line of sight.
  • Students are not allowed to be in a building or go from one building to another without supervision.
  • Attendance must be taken at the very beginning of class (in the morning, after lunch, and at the evening session), as well as before and after every activity.
  • Student count will be taken at regular intervals especially during activities and free time, or when moving from one place to another.
  • Student handovers will always happen face to face; e.g. when our RCs bring students back to class to from the residential building, they must do a student count, drop the students and have an actual EYE CONTACT with the mentors while handing over the students.
There are many other specific processes that have been implemented, thanks to the experience of our Residential Team (with experience at several summer schools abroad, including Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth).

Do you have defined Covid Protocols? How will medical emergencies be handled?

Before Program kick-off, we seek information about any allergies, disabilities, ongoing medical care, schedule for taking medication (if currently underway), and any other information you think we must have, through a Medical Form. We will have ready access to First Aid kits; a Trained First Aid Administrator within our team, an in-house Vesoma Sports Medicine Center (at the venue) with a Doctor on call and a nurse available 24x7, and a world-class 24x7 Hospital (Columbia Asia, Hebbal), about 20-40min from the program venue. In the rare case a student needs to be taken to the hospital, s/he will be accompanied by a GenWise staff member. The student’s medical form will be taken along for any medical consultation. We will try to ensure that the attending doctor speaks to the parent before starting any treatment and explains the situation to the parent along with course of action. However, in case of an emergency, we will notify you as soon as possible, of any diagnosis or treatment provided. Regarding Covid Protocols, CSE has laid down processes for managing students and staff. Students from around the country have been visiting CSE through 2020 and 2021, and the process has stood up very well. This includes appropriate social distancing inside closed spaces (and outdoors), mask-wearing, hand hygiene, footwear usage indoors, among others. Here are the specifics:

  • All GenWise staff on the Program will be fully vaccinated against the Covid virus.
  • All GenWise staff onsite will have a baseline RTPCR test no older than 72 hours prior to arrival on campus
  • All participating students must have a baseline RTPCR test result, no older than 72 hours prior to arrival on campus
  • Daily temperature tests for all - participating students and GenWise staff
  • If anyone is symptomatic, isolate immediately. Such person(s) will need to leave the program right away.
  • Those that were in close contact with this symptomatic person, no action, as long as they stay non-symptomatic. Five days after the symptomatic person was identified, conduct an RTPCR test for all such persons that were deemed to be in close contact.
  • As many sessions as possible will be held outdoors.
  • Social distancing to be practiced in public spaces
  • Masks mandatory in public spaces. N95, or a combination of cloth+surgical mask.

What facilities/ services are available at the Program Venue?

The Program Venue, Padukone - Dravid Center for Sporting Excellence, is known to be extremely child-friendly. The Center has world-class facilities for sprot specializations - swimming, tennis, badminton, shooting, basketball, cricket, football, and more. On a case to case basis, we can seek access for our participants to use these facilities. Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, bunk beds with clean sheets, hygienic and well-maintained bathrooms, hot water, and laundry facilities are some of the features. We will have modern classrooms, an amphitheatre for outdoor activties/ performances More details of the Venue are available in this link.

My child is a fussy-eater. I am worried!

Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner will be provided at the campus to students and staff together. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be available at every meal. If you have special requests such as Jain, Vegan, or if your child has a specific food allergy, do let us know (we will collect this information closer to Program start). We believe that good nutrition is critical to a child’s development and hence make every effort to provide balanced, tasty and varied meals. We will also be happy to connect you with other Parents (from previous programs) who have had great concerns prior to Program start, and were delighted with the on-the-ground execution. Do let us know.

You have offered 2 and 3 week courses on a single topic at this Grade level in past years? Why are you offering only 1 week courses this year?

Feedback from both students and parents has indicated that at this age level, most students are interested in learning about different areas. We have therefore shifted to a 1-week course format. Depending on student interest, we may still offer 2 and 3 week courses on a single topic in the future.

What is your refund/ cancellation policy for this program?

If any cancellation is made:

  • prior to 30 days before the start of the program, we will refund 90% of fee paid
  • between 15 to 30 days before the start of the program, we will refund 75% of fee paid
  • less than 15 days before the start of the program, we will refund 50% of fee paid.
For Parents of Students in Grade 10, CBSE and ICSE only:
  • As on date, it looks like exams will be over before our Winter 2021 Program starts
  • If, for any reason, CBSE or ICSE changes these dates, and you have already registered and paid for our Program, we will give you a full refund within 7 days from the date these Boards have put out new dates.
  • Post 7 days of any new information from CBSE or ICSE, cancellation will result in a 50% refund only.