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Welcome Back!

Each of you has experienced our Programs in the past. You already know about our Mentors, Program Venue, Safety & Security Aspects, Courses, Day in the Life, Packing Lists, and the like. More importantly, you already know what you (your child) got out of that experience.

This is about May 8-29, 2024.
(Note: Apart from the usual for Juniors/ Seniors, we now have a Career Discovery & Planning stream for students entering Grade 10, 11, 12. More here.)

If you are considering sending your child to the above Program, we would like to make a compelling financial offer to you.

The fee for 3 weeks is Rs 180,000. We would like to offer a fee of Rs 120,000 to our returning students. In addition, we have scholarships for our Gold/ Silver/ Bronze scholars (Rs 15/10/5k, respectively).

Having experienced our Programs first-hand, you are in the best position to get others to try us out. We will be offering an additional Referral Fee of Rs 10,000 for each new student that signs up for 3 weeks.

Net-net, if you are a Gold Scholar, and you refer one of your friends who eventually signs up, your total fee for 3 weeks in 2024 is Rs 95k (versus full fee of Rs 180k).

If you'd like to avail of this offer, you will pay a Non-Refundable Commitment of Rs 20,000 before Oct 15, 2023, and the balance by Mar 31, 2024. The specific course(s) can be finalised at a later date. We will have a seat for your child on any course of his/ her choice.

If you'd like to avail of this offer, please use the payment link below for the initial amount of Rs 20k:

Call Shrikant (96079 99120 ) or Vishnu (93422 47734) or Rajesh (90800 36976) if you'd like to discuss this. Thanks.

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