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Course List: Gifted Sr May 2023

We have 14 exciting courses this May - five 3-week courses, and nine 1-week courses. The full schedule is shared below. Details of each of the courses for the Senior Track (Grades 8,9,10 in 2023-24) are shared further below.

Updated May Sr 2023 Course List_edited_e

Participants will pick either one 3-week course, or three 1-week courses (within the theme) to get the most out of this Residential experience!


Our Residential Programs are immersive experiences - much more than just the academic enrichment component that this page focuses on. Please review The Nature of Activities in GenWise Programs, where we discuss 'hands-on work and play' and 'socio-emotional learning', in addition to 'academic enrichment'.


Each of these courses has been designed to provide children an opportunity to develop and hone their critical thinking and communication skills, and gain exposure to domains like economics, forensic science, mathematics, self-awareness, leadership, physics, public policy, creative writing, design & engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

All these courses are by invitation only, and available for Ei-ATS Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Scholars. If you do not have an Ei ATS score, and would like to attend this program, please contact us to understand the process.

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