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Summer 2022 Programs from GenWise

Hi, this is the GenWise team. In this edition of our newsletter, we share details of our residential programs coming up this summer (May 2022).

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Summer 2022 Programs

In Dec 2021, we successfully concluded a 2-week Winter Residential Program in Bengaluru, with clearly laid down Covid protocols. Early data from South Africa suggests that the omicron variant may not cause a heavy strain on medical infrastructure. With 4 months to go for our Summer Programs, and more experience, and more people vaccinated, we are confident that passionate students will get an opportunity to experience a safe and inspiring socio-emotional experience that GenWise residential programs are well-known for.

We are running 3 summer programs during May 2022 at Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka. The first two are advanced programs for those students who have qualified for the Ei ASSET Talent Search (ATS) assessment and are placed as Gold/ Silver/ Bronze scholars-

GenWise Summer Program (students entering grades 8,9,10)

GenWise Summer Program Jr. (students entering grades 6,7)

All other students will be eligible to attend the Genesis Summer Program (students entering grades 8,9,10).

Top-notch schools such as Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Oberoi International, Sri Kumarans, TISB, PSBB, Greenwood High, Inventure Academy, KC High, Modern High, etc. continue to feature in our participant list, year on year.

Our Residential Programs are immersive experiences- much more than just the academic enrichment component that the course list under each program represents. Please review The Nature of Activities in GenWise Programs, where we discuss ‘hands-on work and play’ and ‘socio-emotional learning’, in addition to ‘academic enrichment’. To get a flavour of how students are impacted by these programs, read GenWise co-founder, Vishnu Agnihotri’s post in a previous edition of this newsletter titled ‘The Magic of Residential Programs for Children’.

Details of the upcoming programs are shared below. You can also reach the GenWise leadership team by sending a Whatsapp message or calling the below numbers.

Rajesh- 9840970514

Vishnu- 9342247734

Shrikant- 9860033502

Sowmya- 7598566949

GenWise Summer Program (for Ei ATS G/S/B scholars entering grades 8,9,10)- May 8-29, 2022

​We have 10 exciting courses this Summer – three 3-week courses, two 2-week and five 1-week courses. The full schedule can be viewed here. We strongly recommend children pick a course for each of the 3 weeks of the program to get the most out of this Residential experience! More details at the program page here.

Each of these courses has been designed to provide children an opportunity to develop and hone their critical thinking and communication skills, and gain exposure to domains like economics, forensic science, mathematics, self-awareness, leadership, physics, design & engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

All these courses are by invitation only, and available for Ei-ATS Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Scholars. If you do not have an Ei ATS score, and would like to attend this program, please contact us to determine eligibility.

GenWise Summer Program Jr. (for Ei ATS G/S/B scholars entering grades 6,7)- May 15-29, 2022

We have put together an exciting bunch of options to inspire and challenge you over Summer 2022, spread over 2 weeks. We strongly recommend you attend both weeks, but we will understand if you are able to make it to only one week, based on your holiday plans/ priorities. Do bear in mind that your seniors in Grades 8, 9, 10 (in 2022-23) will also be on the same campus, and events such as DJ Nite, Convocation, Karaoke Nite, etc. will be loads more fun in a large group.

More details at the program page here.

Genesis Summer Program 2022 (for all curious students entering grades 8,9,10)- May 8-29, 2022

The program is planned for 3 weeks, with a different course each week, for the interested student. More details at the program page here.

Genesis programs strengthen the child’s foundational knowledge of the formal curriculum, develop critical thinking skills and provide domain exposure. Thus they focus on ‘learning for life’ as opposed to learning focused only on cracking exams. Most of our students attend multiple courses and programs over a period of 2-3 years. To enable the student’s learning journey, it is important to have a clear picture of his/ her skills and competencies. Therefore, all students in Genesis programs will take India’s leading diagnostic test, ASSET, which is available online.

Please note that the student’s performance on the ASSET test is for us to get feedback and guide our engagement with the student. We request you to encourage your child to take the test seriously. However, the admission to the program is not dependent on how the child performed on ASSET and hence there is no need to prepare to take the test. 


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