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Sriram Naganathan

Sriram Naganathan has been closely associated as a resource person with IgnusERG, a group of professionals working to improve the quality of education for marginalized children across India at elementary and secondary levels.

When he finds time, Sriram also teaches History at The School-KFI, Chennai.

Sriram trained in Business Journalism at the Times Research Foundation in Delhi and was a Reuter Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK. He held editorial positions in publications such as Business India and Business World, and wrote for publications such as Asian Venture Capital Journal and Oxford Analytica before moving to the field of education full-time. Sriram also advises Venture Intelligence, which tracks deals in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem in India.

Sriram will facilitate the course "Reasoning like Sherlock Holmes" at Genesis 2022. Sriram has facilitated other courses at GenWise Online.

Sriram Naganathan

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