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Sowmya Jatesan

Sowmya is convinced that if there's a way out of the gigantic mess that our world is today, it has to come from our children - their sensibilities, imaginations and capabilities. She is inspired by her Montessori training and nearly 15 years of teaching experience in various school settings.

Sowmya is a mother of two children - both of who have studied at schools at Auroville, and other alternate schools in Bengaluru, apart from being home-schooled at various points in time. Her daughter is doing her undergraduate program in Design at IIT, Guwahati, and her son is in 9th Grade, threatening to make a career in Drums!

Sowmya has a B. Tech degree from IIT Madras and a Masters degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Sowmya designed and delivered two leading GenWise programs in 2019 - GSS Early Explorer, and the customised program for the CSR arm of a Hyderabad-based corporate group, targeted at underprivileged students in middle-/ high-schools.

Sowmya leads the design and delivery of our Explorer Program in 2020. Sowmya has pioneered our very first course for Lifelong Learners on GenWise Online - "Applying Montessori Principles to Parenting" - which has received very encouraging feedback from participants.

Sowmya Jatesan

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