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Sharoon Sunny

Sharoon Sunny is the founder of A Better Word (, started in 2012 to meet a growing need to help students master the skill of writing. A Better Word has helped hundreds of writing-inclined students embrace writing for life. Sharoon believes that 'one shoe doesn’t fit all' and therefore it is pertinent to understand what your writing style is, and then find ways to build on that skill. As a longstanding writing mentor for 'Katha', she has coached several students for the national young writers competition. As a teacher and researcher, she focuses on helping young writers identify what “their” way is.

With degrees in M.A. English Literature, M.A. Humanities and Doctoral research in creativity and creative writing, along with a certification in counseling psychology, she has over the years, understood the varied ways in which learners interact with writing. A Better Word helps people from all walks of life communicate with great impact- whether children or corporate executives.

Sharoon will be facilitating the course "Pitch Perfect: Unraveling Effective Communication" at the GenWise Summer 2022 and the "Creative Writing Workshop" at the GenWise Jr 2022 Programs (May 2022). Sharoon has delivered courses on the topic at GenWise Online too.

Sharoon Sunny

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