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Anusha Krishnan

Anusha is a scientist-turned-writer and editor, to whom no piece of science is ‘boring’ or ‘complicated’. She loves writing about new scientific discoveries, especially in Biology, and believes that the art of story-telling is crucial to good communication.

Anusha's love of reading and interest in all things science spurred her to begin writing, right after a PhD in Ecology at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. As a former scientist and current editor for scientific journal papers, as well as writer of popular science articles, Anusha has a deep appreciation for different types of writing styles. Whether a written piece is a relatively ‘dry’ journal paper or a (sometimes) highly coloured popular science article, each is important. Anusha likes to use her insights into these different types of science writing to help scientists and students develop better communication skills.

Anusha was due to facilitate the storytelling/ writing course "Storytelling for Communication: From JK Rowling to The Scientific American", as part of our Explorer Program during Apr-May 2020.

Anusha Krishnan

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