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Aniruddh Sastry

Aniruddh is a life scientist by training and educator by passion. He is keen on creating novel learning environments for school students. He has over a decade of experience in education, as a consultant for teacher training in government schools in Maharashtra, as an assessment expert at Educational Initiatives, as the manager of gifted programmes from Educational Initiatives, and as a consultant for the Madhya Pradesh Assessment Cell (part of MP Board of Secondary Education). His expertise lies in teacher training, assessments, gifted education, and inquiry-based learning. He has a Ph. D in plant ecology from IISER-Pune and is the founder of Things Education – an education services company focussed on teacher empowerment.

Aniruddh has co-created and managed multiple gifted programmes which have catered to more than 600 students across India, the UAE and Oman. He has conducted various courses in life science, physics, observational skills, computational thinking, scientific thinking, among others.

Aniruddh will be facilitating the courses "Computational modelling in the natural and social sciences", and "Experiment Design for Critical Thinkers" at Genesis 2022.

Aniruddh Sastry

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