Ramgopal Vallath aka RamG Vallath, is a keynote speaker, author, accredited coach and tech co-founder. He has had an amazing life journey and now wears many hats. Having studied in a small village government school, he managed to get admission into IIT. After completing BTech and MBA he embarked on a successful career that saw him scaling the corporate CXO ladder rapidly. At 34, he became the youngest telecom business head in India.

However, he was afflicted by a crippling autoimmune disorder and had to reinvent himself. His first book, 'Oops the Mighty Gurgle', is a wacky, humorous children's sci-fi, that was written from the hospital bed, using voice to text software, because his hands were crippled. He went on to become a bestselling author, a much-sought-after keynote speaker and a tech startup co-founder. Over the last seven years, he has addressed nearly 50,000 children. RamG's book on Active Parenting is under editing and will be published soon. Today his aim is to touch a million lives positively.

RamG Vallath