Radha is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise.


Her view of the world is one of hidden connections and she believes that a significant part of learning is to unearth these connections.  She is an environmental scientist by training, with a deep interest in exploring and practicing "transformative education for sustainable living". Towards this effort she is engaging actively with rural and urban communities to further the idea of food sovereignty.


After 18 years as a global environmental consultant, Radha also wore the teacher's hat for several years at the Rishi Valley School, teaching Environmental Sustainability. She is a Visiting Faculty at the School of Development, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and engages actively in popular education efforts around sustainability. 


Radha has a bachelor's degree in Genetics from the Madras University, a Master's from Osmania University, and a Ph.D from IIT Bombay in Environmental Science. 

Radha has facilitated several courses on GenWise summer and year-round programs. 


In 2020, Radha will be facilitating courses for the Early Explorer and the Explorer (“New Thinking for a New World”) programs. This is also one of a few pilot courses where we are planning extended mentorship opportunities for participating children.

Radha Gopalan