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Discover Bridge Through HOOL

I love Bridge! Anybody who is good at Bridge is going to be good at a lot of things!

Bill Gates


Apr 6-10; 9:30-11:00AM

The impact of Bridge on children and adults alike - ranging from significantly improved test scores, memory, immune system, soft skills, among others - are well documented.

Recent research by Dr Christopher Shaw on a group of 5th graders, all of similar academic ability to begin with, noticed a 40% improvement in test scores on Science, 25% in Math, and 23% in Social Sciences - relative to their non-Bridge playing classmates - on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITSB).

The UNESCO supports the World Bridge Federation to promote Bridge in schools and encourage the young to play it.

In 2019, GenWise decided to integrate Bridge into our GenWise Summer Program, which was very well received. Bridge is difficult to pick up, especially in the modern age, with short attention spans – Amaresh, our mentor for the 2020 Program, has developed a precursor game (Hool), which reduces the barrier to learn Bridge. Hool is a shorter and faster version of Bridge, and is available in 2 formats - a Board Game, and a Mobile App. Both formats are recognized by the World Bridge Federation.

We will end the course with a mini-tournament, conducted with the support of volunteers from the Karnataka State Bridge Association.

Bridge stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. Every time you play, you use - and improve - skills in concentration, communication, logic, imagination, lateral thinking, mathematics, game theory, memory, patience, multitasking, visualization, and psychology. Gift your children an opportunity to explore this fascinating mind game, that computers have yet to beat humans at!

Register for the course here, and register for a 30-min Orientation session (Apr 4, 9AM) here.

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