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Scharada Dubey

Scharada Dubey is the author of 19 books in the different genres of narrative non-fiction and children’s writing. She has a rich and varied experience of work across media, ranging from radio broadcasting in the 1980s with All India Radio, video reporting on Doordarshan in the 90s and contributing content to portal websites since the internet first gained ground in India. She has written for print media and for leading news websites on the internet. More details of her life and work can be found on

Presently, she lives in Bangalore, and works on ghostwriting projects, completing books for celebrity authors.

Scharada has conducted multiple creative writing courses for gifted students. Some of her students have won writing prizes, and one of them went on to publish her first book.

Scharada holds a First Class B.A in English (1980) and a Second Class M.A in Sociology (1983) from the University of Mumbai and an M.A in English with an Outstanding grade from Savitribai Phule Pune University (2015). She is also certified as a Trainer for the Cambridge English Assessment Exams with a Grade A certificate in the BEC Higher examination commensurate to C2 level proficiency in English under the CEFR guidelines.

As I See It: A Course in Creative Writing

God turns you from one feeling to another,
and teaches by means of opposites,
so that you will have two wings to fly,
not one.

From Rumi Daylight, translated by Camille and Kabir Helmminski


May 7-14, 2023

At a certain stage in their development, many children take to writing. Whether it is a diary they are keeping, poems that take shape from time to time, or essays that are being noticed in class for the points they make, writing is very much part of a child’s journey to adulthood.

And yet, not every child becomes a writer. In later life, many struggle to communicate thoughts and feelings on both personal and professional fronts.

What are some of the lifelong skills that we can develop to give strength, meaning and clarity to the words we use?

How does one turn inchoate feelings and thoughts into words that can move, entertain, or inform others?

This course is designed to serve as a foundation course, both for those who have shown some aptitude and desire for writing, and those who have never written outside of school work. It brings young writers close to key concepts that will shape their writing.

Is there a limit to a writer’s imagination? What is its scope, and how does a writer make it real for readers?

Is inspiration for writing to be found in some distant time zone or special place? How can one begin to write stories, poems, word portraits or plays from where one is, here and now?

Encouraged to explore different forms of creative writing, and drawing on their lived experience with renewed sensitivity and observation skills, children can be expected to produce a diverse body of work at the end of this week. They will also have some understanding of the discipline and focus necessary to sustain writing, and the importance of connecting with the hearts and minds of readers.

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