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At this age, our young scholars need to build their skills and expand their knowledge in their emerging areas of talent. Our Grade 5 Gifted Online Program gives motivated scholars the chance to explore diverse topics in depth, and with the support of experienced instructors. Course activities develop critical and creative thinking as students engage with content that inspires excitement and further interest in the domain.

Why Choose the Gifted Online Program?

  • Engaging topics that cultivate higher-level thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

  • Modules are designed for the online classroom with the bright learner in mind.

  • Students receive a completion certificate (80%+ attendance required) at the end of the program.

Last Year's Program Details

Sharing details of a recently held, 2-week online program for students moving to Grade 5 here. We could build on these themes, over a short time window, or over a longer (say, 6-month) horizon.

I am Interested

Please express your interest in signing up for these online/ hybrid sessions to help us design this experience better for students (and, potentially, parents).

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