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List of Modules: Gifted Jr - May 2023

We have 3 exciting modules this Summer for our Ei ATS Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Scholars - across 2 weeks. All participants will attend all modules, over the 2 weeks.

Our Residential Programs are immersive experiences - much more than just the academic enrichment component that this page focuses on. Please review The Nature of Activities in GenWise Programs, where we discuss 'hands-on work and play' and 'socio-emotional learning', in addition to 'academic enrichment'.


Each of these modules has been designed to provide children an opportunity to develop and hone their critical thinking and communication skills, and gain exposure to domains like mathematics, the scientific method, communication/writing, economics and sociology.

Open to Abundance: Creative Writing Possibilities

This short course helps budding writers and poets hone their skills of observation and narration through activities and practices that strengthen their journey as aspiring writers. The course also helps participants expand their vocabulary and find meaning and expression in their experiences.

Fun with Math & Science

This week-long course combines hands-on scientific experiments with mathematical thinking and problem-solving. Students will work in groups to design and conduct experiments, learn about elementary mathematical proofs, and explore real-life applications of mathematics. This unique blend of scientific enquiry and mathematical thinking is sure to inspire and engage children of all ages!

That’s Not Fair! An Introduction to Economics & Sociology

This interdisciplinary course introduces foundational concepts from economics and sociology to help students understand relationships between individuals, socio-economic contexts, and life outcomes. The course aims to help students develop an understanding and ability to think critically about fairness, equality, equity, and inequality in society.

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