Genwise Summer School
May 6-20, 2018, Bengaluru

GenWise is India's most experienced team in Gifted & Talented Education. Our team has vast experience in conducting Residential and Day-Scholar programs for Gifted & Talented Children. Our Founders have played leadership roles in every Summer Program for Gifted Children in India over the past decade or so, as individuals or together in a team, not to mention the continuous engagement with global Gifted & Talented Summer Programs (e.g. Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth). 

We are proud to announce the very first GenWise Summer School, to be held in Bengaluru, during May 6-20, 2018. We have carefully curated 6 courses for our student participants in Grades 7 through 9.

GenWise's Summer School for the Gifted offers academically precocious students the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work, in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and passion for learning. While the focus is on rigorous academics and 'learning to learn', the social experience that results from bringing these Gifted and Talented students together is the highlight of the program.

Please apply early to register into a course of your choice.

Thanks to a lot of interest from parents of children in Grades 5 and 6, we have customised a special program for these children. The focus will be on breadth, rather than depth, and will include exposure to each element of the GenWise Curriculum. Please see here for more details on the Program for children in Grades 5 and 6. 

Carefully curated to reflect the breadth of coverage across various tracks of the GenWise Curriculum - including Mathematical & Computational Thinking, Science & Scientific Inquiry, Planetary Web - Nature, Society and the Individual, Tools for Thinking & Communication, and Technology, Design & Making.

Every one of our Faculty has prior experience of delivering Summer Programs for Gifted & Talented students. In fact, most have delivered at least 2 sessions in the past 3 years. We have a couple of overseas instructors, who have not only been part of international programs, but have also delivered such programs to Indian students in recent years.

Bengaluru is no longer the air-conditioned city it used to be, but is still blessed with the best summer weather among metros. Learn more about the venue, student accommodation, safety and security, medical facilities, food, etc.

Just the right age for children to experience a residential program - old enough to try it, and not old enough to be saddled with academic workloads... Read on for more information about a typical day at the GenWise Summer School, and the non-academic dimension of the program...

Exclusive programs, such as the GenWise Summer School, will require careful scrutiny of candidacy of various applicants to ensure a) they will be in a position to absorb and extract the most out of the program, b) quality of conversations in the classroom, and c) peer challenge. Please read more to understand our eligibility criteria and admission process.

Learn more about our fee structure, early bird discount, etc.

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