Sequences & Series: Adventures in Problem Solving

Explore and visualize tantalizing mathematical secrets hiding in patterned lists of numbers, while opening pathways to a deeper understanding of real-world phenomena - from finance to ecology.


25 September 2020


6:30 - 8pm (Fri)
9 - 1030am (Sun)

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Fridays (3 sessions)/
Sundays (3 sessions)


Grades 7-10

About the Course

(This course is targeted at children entering Grades 7, 8, 9, 10 in 2020-21)

Mathematicians are not human calculators. They are observers who learn to see what the untrained eye does not notice and thinkers who use logic to look beyond the obvious.

In this course, you will explore sequences and series, which are simply lists of numbers and their sums. They are standard topics in school mathematics courses from middle school onward. But there is more to them than you learn in school! Because sequences and series describe patterns and show change, we can use them to model environmental and population dynamics, determine safe and effective drug dosage schedules, and even develop financial loan schedules. In this course, we will use visualizations, pattern analysis, and real-world scenarios to explore a variety of ways in which sequences and series help us begin to understand how the past creates the future.

The highly interactive sessions will involve working independently and in small groups as well as sharing and discussing your work with others. After each interactive session, students will work on their own to extend the problems further and frame questions for future exploration. Students will submit the assignments and their questions and will receive feedback and responses from the instructor.

Sample Testimonial:

Every day Jerry assigns work; his comments on the submitted assignment are so good; he provides clues for moving to the next step. I am a student of Math myself. Jerry is doing a great job which cannot be valued in money terms. Lucky are his students!

- Jayasri Bhattacharya, mother of a student

About our Facilitator:

Jerry Burkhart

Jerry Burkhart

Jerry Burkhart is a mathematics educator who has spent his career bringing math to life for students from early elementary school through the university level. For over 20 years, his specialty was teaching advanced learners in middle school (grades 5-8) and working with teachers to support the needs of talented math students of all ages. He is the author of the six-book series, Advanced Common Core Math Explorations published by Prufrock Press, and he presents regularly at state, regional, and national conferences in the U.S. on the topics related to mathematical talent development.

He is a member of the community of educational consultants at MyEd Expert ( and is the founder of 5280 Math Education, which offers tools and strategies for adventurous math learners and their mentors ( He has also conducted 2 very successful "mathematical thinking" summer courses for gifted students in India, since 2016.