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Science in the Culinary World- Part 2 (A Hands-on course)

Science in the Culinary World- Part 2 (A Hands-on course)

Go deeper into some of the ideas introduced in Part 1- learning about the functionality of various ingredients & how viscosity & surface tension affect our experience of food. Learn to make finger-licking dishes and give a great experience using the latest techniques and ingredients.


4 June 2020


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Fee (₹, incl taxes)


About the Course

For ages 9-90. Participants would ideally have attended Part 1 of this course, however participation in Part 1 is not mandatory.


The aim of this course is to give hands-on experience to participants of the latest trends in the culinary world. Starting with the basics, we will take you through a journey into the modern trends in the area. 

The methodology will include theory for about 15 minutes and then a demonstration of some of the techniques on video so that you can start working in your kitchens at home. A parent and a child from one household can join the course as a team (2 adults from a household are also welcome to join).  This second part of this course will go deeper into some of the ideas introduced in part 1- participants will learn about the functionality of various ingredients, do a sensory evaluation through a ‘triangle test’ and look at the role of gels, foams and emulsions. Scientific concepts of viscosity and surface tension and how they influence our experience of food will become evident, in addition to the concepts covered in Part 1. You will work with fruits like pineapple and watermelon, vegetables and ingredients like chocolate and cinnamon.

The experience will be unique as the journey will give you a flavour of what goes into making food the way it is made and the extraordinary impact science has had on understanding not just the how of a recipe but also the why of a recipe.  So hop on and learn to make those finger licking dishes and learn to give a great experience using the latest techniques and ingredients

Learn more about our expert course facilitator, Dr. Prabhakar Sastri, here.

Watch the instructor speak about his background, how he got into this field and the course here.

About our Facilitator:

Rachit is an electronics engineer who has been designing analog circuits for the past decade. His work experience includes Cosmic Circuits and Cadence Design Systems (which acquired Cosmic Circuits), on the design of integrated circuits for audio codecs, serial interfaces, and phase locked loops amongst other things. He likes to spend his time on reading, understanding audio, building speakers, music, and sports.

Rachit has a Masters degree from the Centre For Electronic Design And Technology at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Muralidhar (aka Murali) is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise with 20+ years of experience in the social sector. In addition to delivering Vocational Training to young adults, he is currently responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing operations at a traditional handicraft (wooden toys) enterprise near Bengaluru. Murali has also delivered training and professional development programs for secondary science teachers and 'making' skills to "gifted students" for around 4 years.

Murali has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Madras.

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