Is Math Learning Hard?

Why does Math learning learning evoke strong feelings? Is Math learning, particularly upto grade 10, so different from other subjects? Why so? And is there anything that we, as educators and parents, can do?


13 March 2021


1130 - 1230h IST

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Why does Math learning learning evoke strong feelings?

People either seem to learn it easily enough and enjoy it or they seem to struggle with it, think of it as difficult and have a strong negative association with Math as a subject.

Is Math learning, particularly upto grade 10, so different from other subjects? Why so? And is there anything that we, as educators and parents, can do?

We have put together an expert panel of educators, who will share their perspectives. We present our panelists below:

1. Jayasree Subramanian

Jayasree has worked with students at all levels � from middle-school to UG - for 20+ years, and has worked at EducationaI Initiatives, creating assessments, learning modules and teacher support material.�

Jayasree is a University rank holder in her bachelors program, has a Masters degree in Maths (IIT Madras) and is currently pursuing a PhD in Math Education at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education.

2. Michael (Mick) Purcell

Mick is Head of School at KC High, Chennai. He has been a mathematics teacher for more than 25 years but he has also taught physics, general science, history, theory of knowledge, computer science, and technical writing. Mick is an innovator and leader in international education who is certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Physics, Mathematics, History, Pedagogical Leadership, and Governance.

Mick received his Bachelor�s degrees in Engineering Physics from West Virginia Wesleyan University and his Master�s degree in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.�

3. Sundaram Subbharatnam

Sundaram has 25+ years of experience - as a teacher, principal, teacher-trainer, and an education consultant across the country. He retired as the Principal of Reliance School, Jamnagar. Many of his articles related to mathematics have appeared in the Teacher Plus magazine. Sundaram has just completed a book explaining the logic underlying concepts and procedures in the K-8 math curriculum and suggesting effective ways of teaching them.

Sundaram has a bachelors degree in Engineering from IIT Bombay, and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Senior GenWise Mentor, Sowmya Jatesan, will facilitate the session.

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Join us on Saturday (Mar 13), 1130-1230h.�

Registration is a must prior to event. All registered participants will receive the Zoom link for the session 24 hours prior to event.�

About our Facilitator:

Sowmya Jatesan

Sowmya Jatesan

Sowmya is convinced that if there's a way out of the gigantic mess that our world is today, it has to come from our children - their sensibilities, imaginations and capabilities. She is inspired by her Montessori training and nearly 15 years of teaching experience in various school settings.

Sowmya is a mother of two children - both of who have studied at schools at Auroville, and other alternate schools in Bengaluru, apart from being home-schooled at various points in time. Her daughter is doing her undergraduate program in Design at IIT, Guwahati, and her son is in 9th Grade, threatening to make a career in Drums!

Sowmya has a B. Tech degree from IIT Madras and a Masters degree from Pennsylvania State University.