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Hardwiring Positivity (for College Students)

Hardwiring Positivity (for College Students)

What qualities in a child make for a successful adult? What qualities help them convert depressing spirals into virtuous cycles? What qualities help them be goal focused and driven? And what daily practices help them build these qualities in their budding minds?

For college students

What qualities in young adults set them up for success in life? What qualities help them convert downturns into successes? What qualities help them be goal focused and driven? And what daily practices help them build these qualities in their young minds?

This course is meant to help college students understand the power of positivity, make them want to embrace positivity and help them ‘hardwire positivity’ in their brains, in order to succeed in life. The course consists of four engaging and interactive sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. The delivery will be in a humorous and engaging style, peppered with humorous anecdotes, delivering powerful lessons. Even the practice-work that the participants need to do at home are meant to be engaging and thought provoking.

The contents of the courses are based on the facilitator’s

  • Extensive experience of having interacted with over 50,000 children as a children’s book author
  • Experience as a leader in corporate life and observing what qualities lead to success
  • Journey of triumphing over an incurable crippling autoimmune disorder (his life story of crafting success from a debilitating illness is a chapter in Macmillan’s 8th grade textbook), and
  • Extensive research into the science of positive thinking.

Through these four sessions, participants will learn the importance of positive mindset and understand what behaviours help in succeeding with a positive mindset. They will also learn to be grateful for what they have, learn that it is important to build a network of support and ask for help when required, learn the importance of being compassionate and kind and also how to take end-to-end ownership for their lives. By the end of the course, they will be a bit more inclined to think outside the box and try out creative new ways to solve problems. Last but not the least, the course will help them set lofty goals for themselves that set them up for the life-journey and learn how to be tenacious about achieving these goals.

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