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Decoding Advertising & Media

Decoding Advertising & Media

Open to students entering Grades 6/7
Appreciate the "man-made" nature of media, the underlying intent behind all media, through guided explorations of related questions, based on participants' life experiences. Identify specific techniques advertisements employ to attract and convince the consumer.

This course is open ONLY to students entering Grades 6, and 7, in 2020.

  • What are all the things that come under “media?” How did it come about and how does it operate? And why is it all-pervasive?
  • What is “media literacy” and its younger sibling “digital literacy?”

Students will be led through a guided exploration of these questions based on their own life experiences and numerous examples from around them; they will appreciate the “man-made” nature of media and the existence of an intent behind all media out there.

We will examine advertisements in some detail and look at various kinds that come at us. At the end of the course, students will learn to identify specific techniques that advertisements employ to attract and convince the consumer.

Learn more about our expert course facilitator, Sowmya Jatesan, here.

Please register here for a brief (~30min) Parent orientation session on Wednesday, April 18 @11am. 

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