Calling all Wannabe World Conquerors!

Develop real-life skills needed as a tween-ager to succeed in the 21st century. Designed in a Skill-Challenge-Reward game format, this course will require children to complete simple and fun challenges as homework assignments.

This course is for students entering grade 5, 6 or 7.

What are the skills that tween-agers and teenagers need to ‘adult’ successfully in the 21st century? While academic excellence will take one far and is to be commended, what are the other qualities, attributes and real-life skills that go into building not just a full-grown but a wholesome, complete and well-adjusted human being?  

Inspired equally by Lord Baden Powell’s Scouts and Guides movement, which laid great emphasis on making responsible, resourceful and nature-loving nation-builders out of children, and Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of self-sufficient, self-reliant communities where everyone was treated equal, this course will help children explore these questions, through the four concentric circles of growth, starting with their individual selves and expanding outwards:

· Personal Development (I believe in being the best that I can be) 

· Family and Home (I believe in being self-reliant) 

· Community (I am an informed, responsible and valuable member of my community) 

· The Great Outdoors (I believe I am an integral part of the natural world) 

Designed in a Skill-Challenge-Reward game format, this course, which will be run on alternate days, will require children to not only participate in class but to complete simple and fun challenges on their days off.  

Learn more about our expert course facilitator, Roopa Pai, here.