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Our EE Leadership Team stays the same in 2020! Their breadth of perspective, excellent teaching/ academic/ professional backgrounds, and passion to work with children makes it a phenomenal opportunity for students!

Radha Gopalan


Radha is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise.

Her view of the world is one of hidden connections and she believes that a significant part of learning is to unearth these connections. She is an environmental scientist by training, with a deep interest in exploring and practicing "transformative education for sustainable living". Towards this effort she is engaging actively with rural and urban communities to further the idea of food sovereignty.

After 18 years as a global environmental consultant, Radha also wore the teacher's hat for several years at the Rishi Valley School, teaching Environmental Sustainability. She is a Visiting Faculty at the School of Development, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and engages actively in popular education efforts around sustainability.

Radha has a bachelor's degree in Genetics from the Madras University, a Master's from Osmania University, and a Ph.D from IIT Bombay in Environmental Science.

Radha has facilitated several pioneering courses on Sustainability and related thems at various GenWise summer and year-round programs. In May 2022, Radha will be facilitating the course "Life, The City, and Changing Climate".

Muralidhar K


Muralidhar (aka Murali) is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise with 20+ years of experience in the social sector. In addition to delivering Vocational Training to young adults, he is currently responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing operations at a traditional handicraft (wooden toys) enterprise near Bengaluru. Murali has also delivered training and professional development programs for secondary school science teachers and 'making' skills to "gifted students" for around 4 years.

Murali has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Madras.

Garu (as Murali is fondly referred to) has facilitated numerous courses at the online and residential programs at GenWise, over the years.

Sukanya Sinha


Sukanya sees the world as an endless wonder, a world where children are excited and curious about learning science. She was the founder director of Curiouscity Science Education with the mission to enable children to look at science as a special way of viewing the world. Since 2004, she has been a visiting scientist at the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Sukanya also writes (in English and Bengali) to share her passion for science with her readers. She was awarded the prestigious Rabindra Smriti Puraskar in 2010 for science writing in Bengali.

She has M.Sc., M.Phil. degrees from the University of Delhi and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland College Park.

Sukanya has facilitated numerous courses at the online and residential programs at GenWise, over the years, including those on Intelligent Estimation, and Scientific Enquiry.

Sowmya Jatesan


Sowmya is convinced that if there's a way out of the gigantic mess that our world is today, it has to come from our children - their sensibilities, imaginations and capabilities. She is inspired by her Montessori training and nearly 15 years of teaching experience in various school settings.

Sowmya is a mother of two children - both of who have studied at schools at Auroville, and other alternate schools in Bengaluru, apart from being home-schooled at various points in time. Her daughter is doing her undergraduate program in Design at IIT, Guwahati, and her son is in 9th Grade, threatening to make a career in Drums!

Sowmya has a B. Tech degree from IIT Madras and a Masters degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Sowmya designed and delivered two leading GenWise programs in 2019 - GSS Early Explorer, and the customised program for the CSR arm of a Hyderabad-based corporate group, targeted at underprivileged students in middle-/ high-schools.

Sowmya leads the design and delivery of our Explorer Program in 2020. Sowmya has pioneered our very first course for Lifelong Learners on GenWise Online - "Applying Montessori Principles to Parenting" - which has received very encouraging feedback from participants.

Hari Krishna


Hari Krishna loves developing educational activities to encourage curiosity in children. Hari is a mentor and course designer at GenWise. He taught at the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong, an Atal Innovation Mission Mentor of change, and was a teacher at RSC Salters’ Chemistry Camps. He is also an accomplished athlete and loves playing Volleyball.

Hari has a Masters and PhD degrees in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Hari was part of the team of mentors who facilitated the GSS Early Explorer (2019). Hari was to introduce many interesting topics to students of the 2020 Early Explorer program too - until COVID-19 put paid to his efforts. He has bounced back to offer courses on GenWise Online.

Vishnu Agnihotri


Vishnu is co-founder, chief learner, and academic director at GenWise. He is a pioneer in Gifted Education and Talent Development in India. He has vast experience in both the education and business domains. From 2005 to 2017, he worked at Educational Initiatives where he led the ASSET development team. He was also the academic director of the ASSET Summer Program in 2015 and 2016. He has also worked at i2, Eutech Healthcare, Feedback Infra, and is currently developing a curriculum on values and attitudes at CLIx, an MIT and TISS initiative.

Vishnu has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Madras.

Vishnu facilitated the GSS2018 course "Perspectives in Tacking Wicked Problems. As GenWise Academic Director, Vishnu also plays a big role in all of our other programs.

Sheetal Kurup


Sheetal has worked in education for the past 13 years, including in main stream schools (such as Anand Niketan, Vibgyor) in India. She is passionate about working with kids and has experience spans schools, as well as leading the residential aspects of large and small academic enrichment programs, over the past few years.

At 21, Sheetal started and ran a reasonably successful business in the service industry in Los Angeles, where she specialised in henna tattoos, bharatanatyam dance, and in Indian cooking.

Sheetal is a Science graduate, and has a masters degree in business from London. She is trained in safety, health, and leadership skills. She is a trained Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapist and has worked with kids with Autism spectrum and special needs in London. She has also been a national level athlete, representing Maharashtra!

Sheetal is the Residential Head for GenWise Programs. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the Safety & Security aspects, Program Design (especially the non-academic sessions), leading Life Skills sessions, and managing Program staff/ delivery. She is an integral member of the GenWise Bus Dev team.

Sheetal is the Residential Head for GenWise Programs. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the Safety & Security aspects, Program Design (especially the non-academic sessions), leading Life Skills sessions, and managing Program staff/ delivery. She is an integral member of the GenWise Bus Dev team.

Sachin Tiwari


Sachin Tiwari is a policy researcher and data analyst. He has also worked as a high school teacher for three years, teaching sociology and economics curriculum of IGCSE Board and NIOS, India. His time at the school has convinced him that one creates the society that one aspires for, one day at a time, with young learners. This has driven him to continue working in academic research and high school teaching simultaneously.

He has a B.Sc in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology University, a Master’s degree in Development from Azim Premji University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from National Law School of India University. This interdisciplinary training has enabled him to work at the intersection of science, technology and policy.

He is currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Public Policy, NLSIU, Bengaluru and MEL Consultant at Frankwater Projects, UK.

He spends his spare time running ultramarathons and cycling long distances. Endurance sports has been pivotal in shaping his work and life, in addition to bringing stories of human endeavour, perseverance, failure and success, in classroom.

Sachin has designed and led several courses for our residential programs.

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