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Career Discovery & Planning

  • For students finishing Grades 10, 11, or 12

  • 3-week program starting May 8/ July 10, 2024

  • At the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal

  • Statement of Purpose, Jobs of the Future, Craft your Career (interact w/ Global Experts), Aptitude Assessments, Curated Projects

  • Projects for 2024 will be in the following domains:

    • Generative AI

    • Economics/ Public Policy

    • Sports Analytics/ Data Science

    • Design

    • Law

    • Environment/ Climate Change

    • Life Sciences/ Genetics

  • Ongoing online interaction with mentor (till project completion OR 6 months, whichever is shorter), post the residential component

  • Additional activities that broaden participant horizons, enhances their socio-emotional development and allows them to make connections with their peers and mentors, and have fun (in a device-free environment).

  • Upon completion of the internship, all participants will get an Internship Certificate, a blog post on Substack describing the experience and the Project, and Project-specific materials on visible real estate (such as GitHub for, say, Sport Analytics)

  • Program Fee: Rs 180,000 (inclusive of 18% GST )

  • All interns will be accommodated at the air-conditioned New International Hostel on the MAHE premises; Projects will be delivered at the MAHE classrooms and workshops.

(If you are an UAE applicant, please visit this page.)


I feel there has been a metamorphosis in just 3 weeks. (He) has come back with tremendous respect and adulation for all his mentors - 'real-life' heroes he can look up to.

Parent of Participant

The freedom you get here helps you to communicate, to grow and be an all-rounder. After coming here, I can talk freely and initiate conversations with a group of people.


My husband and I feel that (our son) has gained tremendous confidence, and the mindset to be able to look from different perspectives.

Parent of Participant

I have never seen this spark in him before and am really grateful for everything the GenWise team has done.

Parent of Participant

Hear from Course Facilitator, Shrikant Patil

Course mentor, Shrikant Patil (also co-Founder of GenWise), is a veteran of Intel Corp (14 years), post which he has been helping numerous startups achieve "minimum viable product" status.

Interviews with Past Participants

Mihir Batlawande, moving to Grade 12

Rizak Kaur Makkar, moving to Grade 11

A highly customised Program...

All participating students will share their areas of interest, prior to Program start. The overall program flavour and content - Expert Interactions, Visiting Labs, Internship Projects - will be designed basis the information collected from our Participating cohort.

Below are illustrative examples of what the Participating cohort experienced on the May 2023 Program.

Expert Interaction

Participating students interacted with several experts, some of who are listed below:

  • Tukaram Mundhe - At the time of speaking to Program participants, Shri Mundhe, an award-winning IAS officer, held charge as the Election Observer for Udupi district for the 2023 Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Elections

  • Madhu Lakshmanan - Digital technology expert, Head SSRVM Pune (COEP, Clarkson University alum)

  • Dr Siddarth Patil - Head of Rideshare Science @Lyft (IIT Bombay, UC Berkeley alum)

  • Smriti Jalihal - Center for Knowledge Alternatives, FLAME University

  • Atul Gopal - Co-Founder Bull's Eye (COEP Pune, IIM Calcutta alum)

  • Dr Ganesh Nayak - Dept of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, MAHE, Manipal, as also author, a Himalayan cyclist, motivational speaker

  • Dr Freston Marc Sirur - Emergency Medicine

  • Joel Ishaan Valentine - Digital illustration, Game Design (IIT Guwahati alum)

In the 3-week program, participants get a chance to interact with such a diverse/ elite group of leaders, and this is possible  mainly because of the personal network of the GenWise Founders.

Labs Visited

Participating students visited the following Labs at the Manipal Academy for Higher Education (MAHE):

  • Department of Physics & Photonics, Manipal Institute of Technology

  • Department of Emergency Medicine, Kasturba Hospital

  • Major Student Projects - Mars Rover, Formula 1, All Terrain Vehicles

Sample Curated Projects

All participating students will share their areas of interest, prior to Program start. Program content and project ideas will be curated basis above input.Following are examples of Projects custom designed for our Participating Internship students:

  • Robotics project, modeled on the Duckietown platform

  • Business and Brand Strategy for Assisted Living/ Senior Citizens
  • Secondary Research on Cancer Cure via Gene Therapy
  • Building an app to solve the Rubik's cube, after capturing the initial state, using a camera
  • Designing a Football Coaching Academy for children in the age range of 6-13

An atmosphere of Fun and Energy!

Please see here for more details about the larger Program for children in the age range of 11-18, of which this Residential Internship is a part. Presenting a brief performance by the Internship students at Talent Nite (May 2023)...

(If you are an UAE applicant, please visit this page.)

Our Career/ Internship Philosophy -

‘Follow your passion’ is a frequently shared piece of advice. We at GenWise strongly believe that, more than passion, a student should follow their self-expression.

Why self-expression?
When you follow your self-expression, despite the challenging and tedious nature of work, you will always be energized, and this energy is continuously replenished. In most other situations, you will be extremely tired.

The passion, in 'following one's passion', is largely driven by interest. This interest is mostly floating and is largely influenced by the environment and "current" trends. 'Following your passion' can thus be very misleading, many a times leading us nowhere and, potentially, a permanent state of dissatisfaction. Desire is born out of a passionate mind, the more you feed it, the stronger it grows, and when the desire is unfulfilled, it agitates the mind.

From an early age, everyone demonstrates a certain inclination to a particular field - maybe painting, music, the languages, mathematics, etc. and this inclination is their
As you grow, you should be aware of your self-expression and find a vocation that leverages your svadharma to the fullest. In practising this vocation, you will prosper and find peace, happiness and a limitless source of energy.

If you align your creative urge and your various pursuits - teaching, dancing, robotics, computer repair, computer programming, gaming - you will have a vast reservoir of energy to draw from. Every student should pay close attention to which things come easier to them. Some will take naturally to Maths, some to languages, and others to social science. Students need to keep searching,identify areas they are good at and discover their self-expression (also known as Iccha Shakti). The targets of your passion may keep
changing, but your self-expression is permanent and an integral part of you.

The exact opposite of svadharma is paradharma, which literally means 'opposite nature'. that which opposes your natural tendencies, inclinations, likes and preferences. Many times parents take a position on what their children should do. A very common example is a doctor pushing her offspring to become a doctor because the parents have built a lucrative practice. It is also very common in the case of family businesses. This is suited to the parents' goals of preserving their 'franchise', and we have children who live very prosperous lives, with best-in-class creature comforts, but potentially very unhappy lives.

As we navigate the 21st century, where trends are changing every couple of years, discovering your self-expression or creative urge is an absolute must. The desire to make something beautiful is inside each of us; coupled with being agile, resilient and inspired by a higher purpose in life, the chances of living a happy and a fullling life are high. There is an air which belongs to the figure and talents of each individual. Personalities who draw on their svadharma are charismatic, because they are extremely comfortable
in their own skin. So it is a must to discover what is natural to us, never abandon it and make it as perfect as we can. That is why authenticity is irresistible.

(If you are an UAE applicant, please visit this page.)

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