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Touch, Tickle and Poke - the Neuroscience of Touch (Appreciation Session)

Touch, Tickle and Poke - the Neuroscience of Touch (Appreciation Session)

A single session - this GenWise Appreciation Session is an opportunity to become more aware about how our brain (re)constructs our rich tactile experiences. For Ages 13+ (including adults).

Course Details

GenWise Appreciation Session: Single Session

Ages 13+ (including adults)

Have you ever wondered how you are able to pick out the correct key inside your pocket using just your finger? Do you feel the tag of your shirt touching your skin, but only when you pay attention to it? Have you ever felt a creepy-crawly feeling on your skin when you see a hairy caterpillar? These are some of the many mysterious capabilities of our sense of touch. In this talk, the facilitator will explain how the brain constructs our rich tactile experience beginning with the touch that happens at the surface of our skin. Through the whiskers of the mouse and fingerprints of the koala, we will go through a journey through this fascinating world of touch, tickle and poke.

About Facilitator:

Leslee Lazar

Leslee Lazar

Leslee Lazar is a neuroscientist who teaches at the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the IIT Gandhinagar. He teaches a wide variety of courses like cognitive science, neuroscience, learning & memory, aesthetics, writing, storytelling, etc for the Masters and PhD students. He is passionate about integrating behavioral sciences (cognitive science and neuroscience) to other disciplines and, therefore, regularly conducts workshops on cognition and behavioral change for design students and professionals.

His research interests are in understanding how the brain facilitates tactile perception and integrates it with the other senses. In his free time, he is an artist who uses various techniques like collage, photomontage, woodcut printmaking etc. His artwork can be seen here -

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