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Products, IP and Entrepreneurship

Products, IP and Entrepreneurship

World-class products are associated with excellence and economic strength. Think Apple and USA, or Samsung and South Korea. As future leaders, students will be introduced to products and intellectual property and explore their importance to the economic well-being of nations, firms & individuals.

Course Details

 This course is for children entering grade 8, 9, or 10.

The objective of this course is to introduce products and intellectual property (IP) and explore their importance to the economic well-being of nations, firms and individuals. This will help students develop a product and IP mindset, and provide a toolkit to understand and navigate this landscape in their professional lives. Middle School/ High School is an opportune time to introduce these key ideas as seen from the instructor’s experience in teaching this course at a school in Bengaluru.

In our world today, 7.8 billion people consume 100 million products. Products start life as ideas, and after being nurtured through many stages of technical and commercial development and testing, they reach the marketplace.

Products are the building blocks of a strong economy. Countries (and businesses) that understand this and build great products with a strong core of intellectual property see rapid economic and social development. In the last 60 years, we have Japan, Germany, Korea and now China as examples. Countries with no understanding of this fact remain dependent on other countries for their requirements. They import products (e.g., defence equipment) paying huge premiums for IP, often at costs comparable to their national healthcare or education budgets. This keeps them in a state of perpetual underdevelopment.

 A ‘product mindset’ that leverages scientific and technological capability is needed to create economic value. For every JC Bose, we need a Marconi. (See

This course introduces products and tracks their journey from idea to fruition, from research lab to enterprise. It discusses the multi-disciplinary nature of this process, and the focus on quality, learning and skills development essential for this journey. Through this, it aims to develop in the students the mindset to value themselves and their work.

All these ideas are introduced through real-life examples and cases that students can relate to. No background in Economics is assumed or needed.

Read the course facilitator, Kiran HR's blog post about the fascinating journey from the question 'why is the sky blue?' to an industry, and the questions that will be explored in this course.

About Facilitator:

Kiran HR

Kiran HR

Kiran spent the last 25 years of his career in venture capital, commercial lending, product management and intellectual property development.

Since 2015, he runs a consulting firm called Vega, which builds business and technology solutions for its clients in the US. In 2019, Vega launched the BI Helper product suite which extends the functionality of leading business intelligence tools. BI Helper has customers in the US, Europe, UK and South Africa and is growing every month.

Before Vega, Kiran was the Head of the Invention Development Fund of Intellectual Ventures India where he led a team to source an invention and IP portfolio, develop them into products and monetise them.

Kiran believes that an unwavering focus on products and IP is essential to economic and social well-being. This conviction is founded on his experience in the crucible of the marketplace, over the last 15 years, and not as a theoretical construct.

Apart from work, Kiran teaches high school economics, makes sporadic attempts to keep fit and hangs out with family.

Kiran is an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, and has an Engineering degree from NIT, Surathkal.

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