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Intro to Game Theory & its Applications in the Real World

Intro to Game Theory & its Applications in the Real World

Learn more about the strategies and tactics for dealing with lots of real life scenarios - e.g. exam prep, group study, business, economics - through an understanding of Game Theory, facilitated mainly through Role Play!

Course Details

This course might be better described as "The Theory of Strategy" or "The Theory of (Interactive) Decision Making".

We may not realize that a lot of our interactions in life - from exams and group study, to business and economics, to relationships, as also to co-ordination and co-operation - require fairly complex tactics and strategies for improving desired outcomes. Economists and psychologists and others have been studying the theory behind these strategies for a long time, and this branch of study is called Game Theory.

Anyone can improve their strategies and tactics in dealing with lots of real life situations through an understanding of Game Theory. This course will introduce the students to Game Theory, through the use of lots of practical examples and role-play.

Learn more about our expert course facilitator, Navin Kabra, here. He describes the course in this video.

About Facilitator:

Navin Kabra

Navin Kabra

Navin Kabra is CTO and Co-Founder at ReliScore, a company that provides skill and capability assessment solutions to the software industry. He also consults and advises multiple GoI initiatives, as well as fintech companies in the private sector (Innoviti - payments processing, and FinIQ - derivatives and other financial products).

Navin is also Visiting Professor of Practice at the IIT-Bombay Trust Lab.

Navin has several peer-reviewed articles in international conferences / journals and is also an inventor on 18 US Patents, 2 European Patents, and 1 Japanese Patent, filed as part of his work for 3 different companies (Symantec, Veritas, TeraData).

Navin has an undergrad degree (IIT Bombay) and a Ph.D (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), both in Computer Science.

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