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Hardwiring Positivity

Hardwiring Positivity

What qualities in a teenager make for a successful adult? What qualities help them convert downturns into successes? What qualities help them be goal focused and driven? And what daily practices help them build these qualities in their young minds?

Course Details

For children in the age range of 13 - 16

Here is a short video from the Course Facilitator on the topic!

This set of four short Modules is meant to help teenage children understand the power of positivity, make them want to embrace positivity and help them "hardwire positivity" in their brains, for a fulfilling life. 

The set consists of four engaging and interactive Modules, each consisting of 3 sessions of 75-90 minutes each. The child has the flexibility to attend all four Modules or attend any of them that they find useful. The delivery will be in an engaging style, peppered with humorous anecdotes, delivering powerful lessons. Even the homework at the end of each session is designed to be engaging and thought provoking.

The contents of the courses are based on the facilitator's

  • immense experience as a leader in corporate life

  • journey of triumphing over an incurable crippling autoimmune disorder (his life story of crafting success from a debilitating illness is a chapter in Macmillan's 8th grade CBSE textbook), and

  • extensive research into the science of positive thinking.

The curriculum is summarised below:

Common Session: Power of a Positive Mindset

  • Role of positive mindset in fulfillment

  • Pillars of a positive mindset

Module 1: Building Self Belief

  • Focusing on the positive

  • Realising one's strengths

Module 2: Total Ownership

  • Taking ownership

  • Ability to take risk

Module 3: Leveraging Self & Others

  • Eagerness to learn

  • Readiness to ask for help

Module 4: Achievement Orientation

  • Setting a goal

  • Staying the course

Students can sign up for any/ all of the Modules listed above.

Participants will be able to develop an action plan and design a daily routine that will help in 'hardwiring' particular pillars of the positive mindset. Each Module focuses on 2 of the 8 pillars of developing a positive mindset. For example, students attending the "Building Self Belief" Module will build an action plan and routine to work on the pillars of focusing on the positive and recognizing and building on their strengths.

An outline of each of the 4 specific Modules is shared below.

Building Self Belief: 3 sessions

Self belief/ self-confidence is essential for success in life. It comes from knowing and appreciating one's own strengths and also from training one's mind to focus on the positives life has to offer.

Objective: To hardwire the following

  1. Focus on the positive

  2. Realising one's strengths

Total Ownership: 3 sessions

To succeed in life, one has to believe that the buck stops with oneself and that the only person who can enable one to succeed is oneself. Success in a complex world requires the ability to take calculated risks and push beyond the boundaries of one's comfort zone.

Objective: To hardwire the following

  1. Taking ownership

  2. Ability to take risks

Leveraging Self and Others: 3 sessions

An essential ingredient to success is constant learning to leverage one's own strengths and also seeking help from others without hesitation.

Objective: To hardwire the following

  1. Eagerness to learn

  2. Readiness to ask for help

Achievement Orientation: 3 sessions

Success comes when one has a clear and unambiguous goal and when one is self motivated to pursue the goal without deviating from the course or giving up.

Objective: To hardwire the following

  1. Setting a goal

  2. Staying the course

About Facilitator:

RamG Vallath

RamG Vallath

Ramgopal Vallath aka RamG Vallath, is a keynote speaker, author, accredited coach and tech co-founder. He has had an amazing life journey and now wears many hats. Having studied in a small village government school, he managed to get admission into IIT. After completing BTech and MBA he embarked on a successful career that saw him scaling the corporate CXO ladder rapidly. At 34, he became the youngest telecom business head in India.

However, he was afflicted by a crippling autoimmune disorder and had to reinvent himself. His first book, 'Oops the Mighty Gurgle', is a wacky, humorous children's sci-fi, that was written from the hospital bed, using voice to text software, because his hands were crippled. He went on to become a bestselling author, a much-sought-after keynote speaker and a tech startup co-founder. Over the last seven years, he has addressed nearly 50,000 children. Today his aim is to touch a million lives positively.

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