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A Tale of 2 Democracies: India and the US

A Tale of 2 Democracies: India and the US

Using India and the US as case studies, you will hone your research, writing, and speaking skills through discussion and debate. Deepen your understanding of democracy and leadership and create a policy brief for your leaders.

Course Details

(This course is targeted at children entering Grades 8, 9, 10 in 2020-21)

What challenges do India and the United States face?  How do their governments respond- or not respond- to modern challenges?  This course will explore challenges facing these two powers in the 21st Century.  The course will begin by comparing, critiquing, and evaluating the democratic structures in the US and India using principles from comparative politics.

Then, the students will identify and explore social, economic, and political problems facing these two countries.  Some of the problems are common ones- ensuring that elected leaders respond to the needs of the people, building economies that reflect sustainable principles, or creating positive global reputations in an uncertain world.  Others are specific to each country.  How should the US deal with gerrymandering?  Or, how should India interact with its neighbors? 

Using India and the US as case studies, students will hone their research, writing, and speaking skills through discussion and debate.  The end product for this course is a policy briefing; students will have identified some potential solutions and barriers to achieving their goals. 

Sarah describes the course further in this video. 

About Facilitator:

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher, PhD, has been the instructor of record for more than 10 courses at Emory & Henry College and the University of Georgia, ranging from Comparative Politics of Asia to upper division courses on gender and international conflict. Her training and experience as an instructor goes beyond standard college teaching. She has taught gifted middle and high school students in the US, China, and India. These diverse teaching experiences have honed her skills leading classroom discussion and fueled her desire to work closely with students both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Fisher has published peer-reviewed articles on active learning pedagogy (including work on a constitutional convention simulation done in India) as well as research articles related to international conflict. In guiding students through traditional debates and research methods in political science, she encourages them to push creative and disciplinary boundaries.

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