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The Economy of the Modern Internet: An Introduction

Learn to understand and appreciate the economics of "free", the "attention" economy, the "reputation" economy, etc., and how to navigate and thrive in this new world.

Intro to Game Theory & its Applications in the Real World

Learn more about the strategies and tactics for dealing with lots of real life scenarios - e.g. exam prep, group study, business, economics - through an understanding of Game Theory, facilitated mainly through Role Play!

Exponentials: Epidemics, Cryptography, Forest Fires, AI

Develop an intuition for the power of exponential growth by investigating examples as diverse as Ponzi schemes, spread of forest fires, length of passwords and cryptography, virus multiplication, AI and the singularity.

Intro to Modern Cryptography

A hands-on course in which the students will be introduced to the mathematics behind modern cryptography. They will use Python programs to understand, explore and implement simplified versions of modern encryption schemes, and how they are used in real-life scenarios.

Intro to Cryptography

A hands-on course that introduces students to the history of secret codes and code-breaking.

Applying Montessori Principles to Everyday Parenting

An online course, this is a how-to primer on understanding and parenting/teaching 6 to 13yr-olds. How they are unique, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how best to kindle the fire of learning in them, and how to keep them happily challenged.

Discover Bridge Through Hool

Bridge is a game of mathematics - an effective and fun vehicle for introducing concepts such as Probability, Percentage, Inferential Reasoning/Proof, and Value Assessment to children.

Discover Bridge Through Hool

The benefits of Bridge have been well researched and documented: 1) Cognitive Workout, 2) Enhanced Immunity, and 3) Opportunity for Social Interaction. This can be a fantastic game for the entire family too!

Intro to Estimation Skills: Fermi Problems, and more...

A practical introduction to "estimating" anything in our universe! An essential skill (more so in the 21st century, where google can tell us everything - thereby losing opportunities to think in a modular fashion), it's no surprise that this is a standard interview feature for tech/ consulting firms

Math Adventures in Problem Solving: Number Theory

Work on engaging activities and puzzles that help you think like a mathematician. For example, investigate the path of a ball on a pool table and make connections to how it is related to math you have learned in school.

Sensing the World Around Us

Can we go on a nature walk or on a safari while we are in 'lockdown'? With a bit of imagination and our five senses let's see if we can make this possible.

New Thinking for a New World: Food

Appreciate how you can can go beyond ‘linear thinking’ and think more effectively using the ideas of systems, diversity, resilience, vulnerability, flexibility and adaptation.