2020 Explorer Course Dates

This page lists down all the courses on offer during the Summer of 2020 for children completing Grades 7, 8 and 9 in 2020.


Each of the courses below runs for 1 week from the Start Date indicated. While children are free to pick any one week, we strongly recommend a balanced exposure to the content: at least 3 weeks in 2020.

Course Name
Apr 6-10; 9:30-11:00AM
Discover Bridge Through HOOL
Apr 15,16 (6-7pm); Apr 17 (10am-12noon), Apr 18 (10-11am)
Exponentials: Epidemics, Cryptography, Forest Fires, AI
Apr 11, 12, 18, 19 (1830-2030h), 14, 16 (1830-1930h)
Adventures in Problem Solving: Number Theory
Apr 19, Jun 21
Wobblebots and Engineering Design
Apr 26, Jun 14
New Thinking for a New World
May 3
Understanding Complexity Through Simulation
May 10, Jul 5
Strategic Thinking Through Board Games
May 10, Jul 5
Games Week: Intro to Hool (Bridge)
May 17
Storytelling for Communication: From J.K. Rowling to The Scientific American
Jun 28
Molecular Gastronomy: Intro to Culinary Science
Jul 12
Introduction to Neuroscience and Cognition
2020 Explorer: Day In The Life
  • Presented below is the "typical" day

  • Please do read this article (“From a Rough to a Diamond”) for more commentary on the tools, processes and nature of experiences in a GenWise Residential Program

2020 Explorer Typical Day.png