A significant raison d'etre of GenWise's existence is the passion of our accomplished mentors, to spend time with children on their journey...

“ The best way to learn from mentors is not to absorb what they know, but to internalize how they think.


Collecting their knowledge helps you solve the challenges of the day. Understanding their thought process helps you navigate the challenges of a lifetime.”

- Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist, Wharton

Muralidhar K


Muralidhar (aka Murali) is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise with 20+ years of experience in the social sector. In addition to delivering Vocational Training to young adults, he is currently responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing operations at a traditional handicraft (wooden toys) enterprise near Bengaluru. Murali has also delivered training and professional development programs for secondary school science teachers and 'making' skills to "gifted students" for around 4 years.

Murali has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Madras.

Garu (as Murali is fondly referred to) has facilitated several GenWise programs - weekend, year-round, and summer).

In 2020, Garu was due to facilitate courses for the Early Explorer and the Explorer ("Wobblebots and Engineering Design") programs.

Radha Gopalan


Radha is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise.

Her view of the world is one of hidden connections and she believes that a significant part of learning is to unearth these connections. She is an environmental scientist by training, with a deep interest in exploring and practicing "transformative education for sustainable living". Towards this effort she is engaging actively with rural and urban communities to further the idea of food sovereignty.

After 18 years as a global environmental consultant, Radha also wore the teacher's hat for several years at the Rishi Valley School, teaching Environmental Sustainability. She is a Visiting Faculty at the School of Development, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and engages actively in popular education efforts around sustainability.

Radha has a bachelor's degree in Genetics from the Madras University, a Master's from Osmania University, and a Ph.D from IIT Bombay in Environmental Science.

Radha has facilitated several courses on GenWise summer and year-round programs.

In 2020, Radha has pioneered a couple of courses on GenWise Online, emphasizing Sustainability concepts.

Utpal Chattopadhyay


Utpal is senior mentor and course designer at GenWise. His passion in life is "to firmly establish science as a wonderful culture in developing young minds."

Since 2010, Utpal has been teaching Advanced Physics to talented undergraduate students at the Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore. He was one of the founders of Curiouscity Science Education, where he conducted numerous science sessions with middle school children. Utpal has been also been facilitating courses on Physics and Mathematics to gifted school students for the past several years.

Utpal has a bachelor's degree with honours in Physics from IIT Kharagpur (1st in his class), and a PhD from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His corporate/ professional work experience includes stints at Bell Labs and Motorola (where he was a Director). Post 2005, he cannot imagine life without a chalk and the blackboard!

Utpal has facilitated numerous programs for GenWise - across our year-round and summer programs. Utpal facilitated the GSS Advanced (Apr-May 2019) course "The Physics Hidden in Our Homes", as also the GSS Advanced (Jun-Jul 2019) course "The Science of Everyday Gadgets".

In 2020, Utpal has already delivered a well-received course on GenWise Online - "Intro to Astrophysics" - and will run a repeat session in June/July 2020.

Navin Kabra


Navin Kabra is CTO and Co-Founder at ReliScore, a company that provides skill and capability assessment solutions to the software industry. He also consults and advises multiple GoI initiatives, as well as fintech companies in the private sector (Innoviti - payments processing, and FinIQ - derivatives and other financial products).

Navin has several peer-reviewed articles in international conferences / journals and is also an inventor on 18 US Patents, 2 European Patents, and 1 Japanese Patent, filed as part of his work for 3 different companies (Symantec, Veritas, TeraData).

Navin has an undergrad degree (IIT Bombay) and a Ph.D (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), both in Computer Science.

Navin facilitated the GSS Advanced (2019) course "Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain: The future of money and business".

Navin has already delivered multiple courses on GenWise Online, with more lined up during the rest of the summer of 2020!

Amaresh Deshpande


Amaresh is helping to develop Bridge in India and around the world.

A teacher at heart, Amaresh's mission is to introduce Bridge softly to children (and adults) via his Double Dummy App - KIDA. This App is translated into 40 languages. Amaresh has also designed a precursor to Bridge, called Hool, which has been featured on the World Bridge Federation site as one of the more interesting tools to learn Bridge. Amaresh has also contributed to the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), the governing organisation for Contract Bridge in North America.

He is actively involved in teaching bridge in the village of Raibidpura (in tribal district Khargone, MP) where he uses bridge to teach math in the schools. Amaresh also introduces city children to Bridge through his work with schools such as Bombay Scottish and BIS.

Amaresh teaches the essence of Bridge, to participants on GenWise programs.

Anusha Krishnan


Anusha is a scientist-turned-writer and editor, to whom no piece of science is ‘boring’ or ‘complicated’. She loves writing about new scientific discoveries, especially in Biology, and believes that the art of story-telling is crucial to good communication.

Anusha's love of reading and interest in all things science spurred her to begin writing, right after a PhD in Ecology at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. As a former scientist and current editor for scientific journal papers, as well as writer of popular science articles, Anusha has a deep appreciation for different types of writing styles. Whether a written piece is a relatively ‘dry’ journal paper or a (sometimes) highly coloured popular science article, each is important. Anusha likes to use her insights into these different types of science writing to help scientists and students develop better communication skills.

Anusha was due to facilitate the storytelling/ writing course "Storytelling for Communication: From JK Rowling to The Scientific American", as part of our Explorer Program during Apr-May 2020.

Goldy Yadav


Goldy Yadav is a Fulbright Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (USA) and is pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. She has a Master's in Cognitive Science from IIT Gandhinagar, and a Bachelor's degree in Zoology (H) from the University of Delhi.

Goldy has a keen interest in understanding how the human brain works and is actively involved in neuroscientific research. Her work focuses on how humans learn new skilled actions, and the brain processes that facilitate such learned behavior. Through her work, she has also demonstrated how retention of a newly acquired memory can be enhanced.

Goldy believes this is the most exciting time to be involved in the field of neuroscience as we are uncovering something truly fascinating about the brain, its functions and the causes behind a number of neurological/psychological disorders. A lot, however, still remains unknown about this enigmatic tissue between our ears!

Before COVID-19 struck, Goldy was meant to facilitate the course "Introduction to Neuroscience" during Jun-Jul 2020 at our Explorer Program.

Prabhakar Sastri


Obtaining a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry followed by an MS and a PhD in Engineering from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Dr Sastri has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. He has consulted for large FMCG companies like ITC and Unilever. Optimizing the cookie making process at ITC, led to his interest in the 'Science of Cooking'.

Dr Sastri moved to Manipal 9 years ago and one of his passions is teaching the 'Science of Cooking' course to chefs and trainee chefs at the Department of Culinary Arts, Welcome Group School of Hotel Administration in Manipal.

Before COVID-19 struck, Dr Sastri was to facilitate the course "Molecular Gastronomy: Intro to Culinary Science" at our Explorer Program in Jun-Jul 2020.

Sheetal Kurup


Sheetal has worked in education for the past 13 years, including in main stream schools (such as Anand Niketan, Vibgyor) in India. She is passionate about working with kids and has experience spans schools, as well as leading the residential aspects of large and small academic enrichment programs, over the past few years.

At 21, Sheetal started and ran a reasonably successful business in the service industry in Los Angeles, where she specialised in henna tattoos, bharatanatyam dance, and in Indian cooking.

Sheetal is a Science graduate, and has a masters degree in business from London. She is trained in safety, health, and leadership skills. She is a trained Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapist and has worked with kids with Autism spectrum and special needs in London. She has also been a national level athlete, representing Maharashtra!

Sheetal is the Residential Head for GenWise Programs. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the Safety & Security aspects, Program Design (especially the non-academic sessions), leading Life Skills sessions, and managing Program staff/ delivery. She is an integral member of the GenWise Bus Dev team.

Sheetal is the Residential Head for GenWise Programs. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the Safety & Security aspects, Program Design (especially the non-academic sessions), leading Life Skills sessions, and managing Program staff/ delivery. She is an integral member of the GenWise Bus Dev team.