Welcome to the 2020 TAISI GenWise Summer Program!!

TAISI, The Association of International Schools of India, is a pioneer in conceptualizing and executing various programs/ meets – for Teachers, School Leaders, and Students – with student learning at the core. Nearly 130 schools in India are members of TAISI.

TAISI is keen to offer additional enrichment opportunities for students of their member schools, and they have partnered with GenWise for the same. This Summer Program is the first step on that journey.

The 2019 TAISI GenWise Summer Program was targeted at children who look for, and thrive on additional challenge. Open to children who would be moving to Grades 8, 9, 10 in 2019, this fully-residential program digs deep into a few areas of interest for your child. Designed and facilitated by top-notch instructors from around the world, this program will significantly enhance your child's context in these areas of cotemporary interest, which (research has shown) will allow for plentiful opportunity for Critical Thinking.

This program is much more than just its Academic component:

  • Minor courses - workshops on Writing Skills, Storytelling

  • Exercises in improving awareness and concentration, in a fun and engaging manner, to enhance student performance

  • Field trips to experimental communities with a sustainability focus

  • Daily interactions with industry/ social sector leaders, on contemporary topics

  • Daily sport/ physical activities (from among soccer, cricket, etc.)

  • Mind sports such as Bridge (with its proven impact on Test Scores, among others), Guesstimation Challenges

  • Talent Nite, DJ Nite, Quizzes, Dumb Charades, Treasure Hunt, etc.

We believe the full 3-week duration provides an excellent opportunity for children to build lifelong connections and make it memorable. However, children can choose to attend one, or more of the courses listed below:

List of Courses/ Facilitators

Automatons and Mathematical Toys

In this course, students will build toys and automatons (moving mechanical devices, imitating human beings). In this process, they will learn to apply various mathematical concepts like algebra/trigonometry/geometry, and learn design principles/3D CAD software. They will also learn the scientific principles behind new and upcoming technologies (without going into the theoretical complexities), develop hands-on skills, and learn methods around problem-solving.

Systems Thinking: A Powerful Approach to Problem-Solving

Learn about two powerful techniques for understanding systems: Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modelling. Learn the rules of 'cause and effect' and feedback, which govern the performance of all systems in the universe. Learn how to build and analyse models in software modelling tools such as “Vensim”; use these skills to identify the source of problems and then generate and evaluate potential solutions together.

The Science of Everyday Gadgets

Teaching of science is still dominated by classroom lectures in which the organic connection between science and technology does not come alive. In this module we will explore the laws of physics, not by writing equations on blackboards but by actually tinkering with everyday gadgets.

Additional Information Required

We would like to receive input from at least two of the 5 options listed below:

  1. Performance on Nationally Normed Tests (ACER, ATS, etc.)

  2. Teacher Recommendation

  3. Personal Essay/ Estimation Task

  4. Academic Performance

  5. Conversation with a GenWise Mentor

 Please call/ write to Vishnu (+91 9342247734) to discuss any questions you may have...

Program Fee
  • The fee for the 2019 TAISI GenWise Program is Rs 50,000/- per week (Rs 28,000 for Day Scholars), inclusive of 18% GST

  • This includes all costs, except the to-/fro- cost of dropping your child at our program venue

Payment Particulars
  • NetBanking
    Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bangalore (Jayanagar Branch)
    Current a/c # 3311978501
    IFSC Code: KKBK0000421


  • UPI: genwise@kotak

Program Venue - BIS, Bengaluru

The Program activities will be held at the premises of the Bangalore International School, Bengaluru (BIS). BIS has been the host school for a multitude of camps - with both Indian and International participants - including Round Square. Food will be managed by the existing caterer at BIS. Students will be accommodated at SAIACS, part of a beighbouring theology centre.

Safety & Security

Given that this program will be held at BIS, a hallowed institution in Bangalore just completing its Golden Jubilee this year, Safety & Security aspects of this Program are in safe hands. In addition, our approach is the following:

  • Our Staff:Student Ratios are between 1:2 and 1:3

  • Our Program Delivery Leadership has extensive context of running such programs, thanks to their prior experience elsewhere (including Johns Hopkins, Duke, etc.)

  • We train all other staff extensively (for a full week prior to program start)

  • All actions and decisions founded on the principle "Every child, within eyesight, or earshot, at all times", from physical, emotional and intellectual perspectives.

For more information on Safety & Security, please reach out to Lauretta (BIS) @94495 67298 or Rajesh (GenWise) @98409 70514.